Night Call Gameplay Walkthrough

Night Call Walkthrough

Monkey Moon and Black Muffin’s Night Call was published over on the Steam store by Raw Fury, the same publisher who seemingly abandoned the highly anticipated cyberpunk tale The Last Night from French developer Tim Soret after they forced him to apologize to the broke grifter Anita Sarkeesian for criticizing the militant and authoritarian forms of feminism. The indie title is also available on PS4, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and there are some gameplay walkthroughs available for the title. Continue reading “Night Call Gameplay Walkthrough”

Xbox Game Pass Freebies For July

Metal Gear Solid 5

There are lots of things being offered in July for the Xbox Game Pass so let’s not waste any time and get right to it. First off, we have the Gears of War 5 multiplayer tech test, it went live on July 17th, going on right now until July 26. With the recent Gears of War 5 smoking censorship controversy still in people’s minds I’m sure the lobbies will be less than full. Continue reading “Xbox Game Pass Freebies For July”

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