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Nightmarchers Trailer Unveils Shark Transformation Ability

Wyrmbyte is still trying to build up interest and intrigue in their upcoming sandbox, third-person shooter, Nightmarchers. The game is…

Nightmarchers Trailer Previews The Power Of Flight

Wyrmbyte released a new trailer for the upcoming game Nightmarchers, their Polynesian-themed third-person, mystical shooter. The latest video covers Maui,…

Nightmarchers Video Previews How The Hawaiian God of War Will Help Players

Wyrmbyte let loose a new video for their upcoming third-person, mystic-shooter, Nightmarchers. The game is themed around Polynesian culture and…

Nightmarchers, Polynesian TPS Has Players Freeing Hawaii From Raiders

Wyrmbyte Studios recently announced that they’re working on an upcoming game called Nightmarchers. This game is a third-person, role-playing shooter….

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