Nike Begins Layoffs Following Going Broke

There is a reason I call the coronavirus the “time-traveling beer virus.” Simply put, companies and the media continue to use it as an excuse for trends that were already underway before any of the power-creeping countermeasures were implemented across the world. The only way for Covid-19 to be responsible for these issues is for it to have time traveled, and we are experiencing a timeline that merged with some weird effects, but not the causes of another timeline. Continue reading “Nike Begins Layoffs Following Going Broke”

Nike Cancels Betsy Ross Flag Shoes At Colin Kapernick’s Behest

Colin Kapernick Betsy Ross Flag

Censorship reigns supreme in today’s society, especially when it comes to respecting, honoring, or reminding citizens of the not-too-distant historical past that helped shape the nation for which they reside. A perfect illustration of that statement comes in the form of ex-football player Colin Kapernick advocating for the censorship of Nike’s Betsy Ross 13-star flag shoe, to which the mega-corporation obliged. Continue reading “Nike Cancels Betsy Ross Flag Shoes At Colin Kapernick’s Behest”

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