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Marvel Powers United VR Demos Now Available To Play At Select Retailers
Marvel Powers United VR Demo

If you’re remotely interested in Marvel’s latest foray into VR you might like to know that kiosks are being setup…

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab Now Available For Oculus Rift
Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab

Alcon Interactive Group, Magnopus and Oculus Studios announced that Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab is currently available for download from…

Oculus Go Set To Launch In Early 2018 For $199
Oculus Go

Facebook and Oculus announced that the Oculus Go will be a smaller form-factor virtual reality headset that will come with…

Marvel Powers United VR Oculus Rift Exclusivity Leaves Some Fans Frustrated
Marvel Powers United

Marvel Entertainment and Oculus Studios announced during the D23 Expo this year that a new exclusive first-person cooperative multiplayer action…

Lone Echo Launch Trailer Looks More Impressive Than It Has Any Right To
Lone Echo

Ready at Dawn and Oculus Studios released the official launch trailer for Lone Echo, the sci-fi space game due out…

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