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EA Asks “Are we the baddies?”
Electronic Arts Evil

I want to open with a quote from Matt Bilbey, the EVP of strategic growth at EA. “25 years at…

FIFA 19 Cheats Bring Unlimited Stamina, No Fatigue And Max Score

Big papa EA (better known as Electronic Arts) has EA Vancouver and EA Romania working on the latest annual release…

EA Prohibits Origin Users From Using “White Man” As User ID
White Man Censored

Battlefield V isn’t the only EA product that prevents you from saying “white man” in any capacity within the game….

EA Origin User Has All His Games Deleted, Proving Dangers Of All Digital Future
EA Origin

The “all digital future” that companies like Electronic Arts and Microsoft were touting around years ago was never a pro-consumer…

Origin’s On The House Free Game Promotion Has Been Retired
The Sims Shrugs

Electronic Arts has apparently retired the On The House promotion where the company would occasionally give away free games occasionally….

Origin Access is Free Until June 20th
Origin Free

Following the EA Play session this past weekend, Electronic Arts announced that from the time the conference took place up…

Origin Eon1-S Launches For $999; Features 1080p, 6 Hour Battery Life
Origin EON15-S

With support for up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, the ability to attach four external display units to it, a…

Origin Access Adds $29.99 Annual Subscription Option To Service

Electronic Arts recently announced that they’ve added three new games to their Vault for their Origin Access service, including Aragami,…

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