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Patreon Bans Koikatsu Party, Emotion Creators Mods For “Sexualizing Minors”
Koikatsu Party

Lewd mods for Koikatsu Party and Emotion Creators have been banned by Patreon’s Trust & Safety team. The reason given…

Patreon To Deplatform Lewd Logistics
Lewd Logistics

The crackdown on porn continues. There are lots of people who keep saying that porn is fine. Porn is safe….

Patreon Bans Mister Metokur For “Hate Speech” Because He Showed Trans Surgery Videos
Mister Metokur Patreon

[Update 11/23/2019:] Mister Metokur has moved over to SubscribeStar and NewProject2, so you can support him with your shekels over…

Patreon Bans Straight Pride Parade Account; Netflix Thinks Straight Pride Is “Gross”

Only in Clown World is it possible for big corporations to label heterosexuality as “gross”. Yes, the very thing that…

Gay Nation Chapter 3 Releases On Patreon After Being Banned From Steam
Gay Nation

Back in mid 2018 one developer among the throng decided to stand up and challenge Valve on their inconsistent banning…

Patreon Has Banned Hypnosis Porn For Being “Coerced Consent”
Overwatch Hypnosis

Do you make SFM featuring hypnotized video game chicks downing their tongues deep into a sticky pink donut hole? Or…

Alice: Asylum Patreon Is Being Used To Fund Pre-Production
Alice Asylum

American McGee announced that early pre-production work has begun on the upcoming Alice: Asylum. Over on the American McGee blog…

Patreon Admonished For Not Banning User For Associating With Animal Exploitation Groups
Everfire - Pluto Bestiality

A user on Patreon going by the handle of Everfire produces pornographic material for her followers. It was discovered that…

Death Metal Label Shuts Down After Paypal, Credit Processors Pull Out Due To DOJ, FDIC Initiative
Death Metal Banned

A wide-sweeping initiative from the United States Department of Justice back in 2013 called Operation Choke Point was initially designed…

Patreon Justifies Sargon Of Akkad Ban For Off-Site “Hate Speech”
Sargon of Akkad

Patreon issued a statement standing by their permanent ban of Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin for “hate speech”. They issued…

StudioFOW Permanently Banned From Patreon
Studio FOW Banned

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but the adult-themed animation outfit StudioFOW – best known for their popular…

Sargon Of Akkad, Milo Yiannopoulos, James Allsup Banned From Patreon
Milo Censored

The hammer of the Left swings with all the might and strength mustered by the facade of righteousness, while they’re…

Patreon Backtracks On Service Fees Following Critical Feedback

Patreon users – both patrons and content creators – made their disdain known loud and clear that they did not…

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