Long War Creators Reveal Terra Invicta

Pavonis Interactive creators of the much beloved and almost necessary Long War mods have finally broken radio silence to reveal their upcoming grand strategy game, Terra Invicta. A game where you will have to unify humanity, explore the solar system while exploiting it for resources and positions of power, and gunning to stop an ever-growing alien threat. Continue reading “Long War Creators Reveal Terra Invicta”

Firaxis Announces Long War 2 Mod For XCOM 2

Once known as Long War Studios the development team has a new name, Pavonis Interactive. FireAxis took to the XCOM main site to announce the team’s latest project, which is a sequel to XCOM 2‘s Long War. The turn-based strategy game is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Continue reading “Firaxis Announces Long War 2 Mod For XCOM 2”