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Digital Bros. Reveals Epic Games Store Paid $10.4 Million For Control Timed Exclusivity

We now know how much the Epic Games Store paid for 505 Games and Remedy’s Control — despite the game…

Epic Games Store Timed Exclusive Untitled Goose Game Is Out Now

Tim Sweeney’s sweet Epic money has led HouseHouse and Panic to waddle their animal stealth sim, Untitled Goose Game, over…

IGN Staff Stir Outrage Over Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare White Phosphorous
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

IGN’s John Phipps recently wrote an article titled “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the Cruel Realities of White Phosphorous”…

French Court Rules That Valve Offer Resale Option For Steam Purchases
Valve Resale

News is circulating that a district court in Paris, France has ruled in favor of a consumer rights organization in…

Die Young Cheats Will Keep You Alive With God Mode, Unlimited Stamina
Die Young Cheats

Indie Gala’s first-person, horror-survival game, Die Young, captured the attention and affection of the PC gaming audience throughout its Early…

Terminator Resistance FPS Launches On November 15th For PS4, Xbox One, Steam
Terminator Resistance

Teyon and Reef Entertainment announced that there’s going to be a tie-in video game for the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate….

The Most Forbidden Love In The World Visual Novel Was Silently Banned From Steam
The Most Forbidden Love In The World

Valve has been banning a number of games from appearing on Steam, but most times people would never know about…

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare PC Beta Specs Revealed

If “game journos” aren’t butt hurt over Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare depicting Middle Eastern women…

Sengoku Rance Launches Fresh And Uncensored On MangaGamer
Sengoku Rance

The English version of Rance VII, known as Sengoku Rance, has launched on the MangaGamer store for Windows 7, Windows…

Daymare: 1998 Cheats Grant Unlimited Health, Stamina, And Ammo

Invader Studios and publisher Destruction Creations have released their third-person game on PC via Steam, and if you want a…

Morningdew Farms, Gay Dating Sim With A Furry Launches Uncensored On Steam
Morningdew Farms

Leave it to Valve to constantly maintain hypocritical curation policies and a clearly biased product review team for Steam releases….

Session, Realistic Skateboarding Sim Enters Early Access On Steam

The extreme sports genre has basically died out over the years. Oversaturation, lack of innovation, and corporate greed drove the…

Otogi Frontier, R18+ JRPG Lands On Nutaku And DMM
Otogi Frontier

The developers of Otogi Frontier announced that the chibi-style R18+ JRPG is currently available on both the DMM web portal…

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