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Bloody Chronicles Now Available On Steam, R18+ DLC Coming Soon
Bloody Chronicles

While the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 rages on, some developers are still releasing games featuring lewd content and hot anime babes….

Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer Reveals Diablo-Style Hack-And-Slash Gameplay
Pagan Online

Wargaming.net and Madhead Games announced that Pagan Online is set to release on PC starting next year. Pre-launch tests will…

Gaming Industry Generated $134 Billion In 2018
Fate Grand Order

New market data has been released covering the totality of the global gaming industry, and it’s generated an estimated $134.9…

Ex-BioWare Devs QC Games To Release Breach Sometime In January 2019

Ever wondered what the ex-devs of BioWare that formed QC Games are up to as of late? Well, their first…

DiRT Rally 2.0 Will Feature Overhauled Aerodynamics, Improved Tire And Surface Physics
Dirt Rally 2

Codemasters released a new developer diary for DiRT Rally 2.0, talking about the new cars, the new physics, new the…

Kage Is Now Playable In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Street Fighter V Kage

Capcom updated Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with a brand new playable character, Kage, the embodiment of the Satsui. This…

Valfaris, Heavy Metal 2D Side-Scroller Gets A Limited Time Demo
Valfaris Demo

Digital Uppercut announced that Valfaris currently has a free demo available right now that you can download for free now…

Valve Now Bans Games On Steam For Child Exploitation, School Settings, According To Devs
The Key To Home

Valve still hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the recent ban-spree of games, or if they’ve changed the rules of…

Gamers Start Petition To Unban The Gay Eliminators From Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Bethesda permanently banned several gamers from Fallout 76 known as the Gay Eliminators for trolling other players. Many gamers pointed…

Valve Artist Says She’ll Look Into Anime Games, Visual Novels Banned On Steam
Jane NG Steam Bans

Recently a bunch of games have been getting banned on Steam. Some of the impacted indie developers pointed to Valve’s…

Top Hat Studios Creates Digital Storefront For Uncensored Games After Steam Bans Anime Games, Visual Novels
Top Hat Studios Store

Top Hat Studios had to completely change their ethos for releasing games on Steam after their game Cross Love –…

EA And DICE Admit Battlefield V TTK Change Is To Capitalize On New Holiday Players

In a time of panic, it looks like Electronic Arts and DICE are showing their true colors this holiday season…

More Gamers Prefer Playing As Alexios In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey And Ubisoft Is Shocked
Assassin's Creed Odyssey

There are a lot of constants: The expansion of the universe, SJWs getting things censored, human stupidity, and majority of…

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