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Intruders: Hide And Seek, Home Invasion VR Thriller Now Available On PSVR For $19.99
Intruders Hide and Seek

Daedalic Entertainment and Spanish game development outfit Tessera Studios announced that the psychological, home-invasion thriller for the PlayStation VR, Intruders:…

Fate/Grand Order VR Launches In The West On PSVR Feb 26th
Fate Grand order VR

While Sony may be cracking down on a variety of Japanese games with their PS4 censorship policy, some developers are…

A Fisherman’s Tale, Whimsical VR Story Heads To PSVR January 22nd, 2019
A Fisherman's Tale

Given that majority of the news these days is about censorship, bans, and deplatforming, it seemed like a good idea…

Affected: The Manor, VR Horror Game Launches For PlayStation VR
Affected The Manor

An original VR horror game from Fallen Planet Studios that launched for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive back in…

Dark Eclipse, PSVR MOBA Updated With New Ranked Mode
Dark Eclispe

MOBAs are a dime a dozen on PC and mobile devices. You can encounter them while you’re browsing for gacha-titty…

Syren Trailer Highlights Horror And Action-Survival PSVR Gameplay
Syren PS4

Two years ago the game Syren popped onto the scene with a trailer promoting the release on VR devices such…

Gungrave VR Launches For PlayStation VR On December 11th
Gungrave VR

XSeed Games announced that Gungrave VR will be launching exclusively for the PlayStation VR starting December 11th, 2018 next month….

Code51: Mecha Arena Launches On HTC Vive, Oculus Rift For $19.99
Code51 Mech Arena

VR headset owners have been getting the shaft this year when it comes to interesting content. Most developers realize that…

Bow To Blood, Airship Arena Shooter Heads To PSVR August 28th
Bow to BLood

Tribetoy’s upcoming Bow To Blood is a competitive/cooperative airship arena shooter, where players will team up or compete with other…

Naughty America Customers Have Downloaded 20 Million VR Porn Videos
VR Porn Sales

VR gaming may suck big time, but there’s a heck of a lot more sucking going on in a different…

Granzella Shows Off New Disaster Report 4 Trailer And PSVR Gameplay

Publisher and developer Granzella held a live stream not too long ago showing off what Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer…

Downward Spiral: Horus Station Launches This Summer For PSVR
Downward Spiral Horus Station Release Date

3rd Eye Studios’ Downward Spiral: Horus Station is set to launch officially for PC on May 31st, while the PS4…

Apex Construct PSVR Demo Now Available For Download
Apex Construct

Fast Travel Games announced that a free demo for Apex Construct is currently available for PS4 owners who have a…

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