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Polygon, Vox Will Update Public Disclosures Following #GamerGate’s FTC Campaign
Vivian James kawaii - kokosac

The watchdogs of #GamerGate still remain vigilant, keeping an ethical eye on various outlets who have, in the past, committed…

#GamerGate: Polygon Continues Using Affiliate Links Without Disclosure
Polygon GamerGate

[Update: A representative for Vox Media has stated that they will update their public disclosures across all their websites.] [Original…

Polygon Fires Nick Robinson For Flirting On Social Media
Nick Robinson Fired

Polygon employee Nick Robinson has been effectively let go from the progressive gaming news outlet. The news came courtesy of…

Polygon Suspends Nick Robinson Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Polygon Nick Robinson

[Update 8/11/2017: Polygon has fired Nick Robinson for flirting on social media.] [Original article:] Polygon’s editor-in-chief Chris Grant posted a…

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier Attacks Polygon Over Horizon: Zero Dawn Drama
Kotaku vs Polygon

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera decided to do an article about how developers mocked an article on Kotaku from writer Jason Schreier….

IGN, Kotaku, Polygon Fail To Make OpenCritic’s Most Trusted Sites Of 2016

The three websites that represent the pinnacle of disgruntled gamers hating politicized, corporatized and agenda-driven news coverage are the three…

Polygon’s Readers Turn On Them Following PewDiePie Nazi Fear-Mongering

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera penned a piece on February 15th, 2017 titled “PewDiePie versus the media: Why he’s so mad to…

#GamerGate: Deep Freeze Adds Kotaku, Polygon, Mary Sue Conflicts Of Interest
Deep Freeze

While the media continues to trip over themselves with misinformation about #GamerGate and its role in the gaming industry, the…

#GamerGate: Polygon Fails To Make Disclosure While Promoting Game
Polygon GamerGate

A writer at Polygon going by the name of Merrit K., was discovered to have promoted a game from developer…

Deep Freeze Adds Patricia Hernandez, Brian Crecente Entries To Database

Deep Freeze was recently updated to add multiple entries under multiple categories for three video game journalists, including Laura Kate…

Polygon Adds Disclosures To Some Games For Change Articles

Three weeks ago it was brought to the attention of the One Angry Gamer staff that Polygon’s founding editor, Brian…

Polygon’s Brian Crecente Caught In Conflict Of Interest With Games For Change
Brian Crecente

[Update:] Brian Crecente has noted that it’s a volunteer position and that he’ll be disclosing the ties in his articles….