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SJWs Are Angry That Ninja Doesn’t Stream Fortnite With Females Out Of Respect For His Wife
Ninja Fortnite

SJWs on the Left love degeneracy. They love breaking apart the nuclear family. They hate straight white males. They hate…

Polygon’s Hate-Bait About Toxic Gamers Furthers The SJW Agenda
Polygon Culture War

Polygon published a long-winded hate-bait piece on July 25th, 2018 titled “Gaming’s Toxic Men, Explained”. It managed to find its…

Glixel At Rolling Stone Winds Down While Variety’s Disclosure Issues Rise Up

If you’ve noticed a stark lack of content coming out of the Rolling Stone’s gaming experiment called Glixel, it’s because…

YouTubers Call Out Polygon For Fake News Regarding Anita Sarkeesian VidCon Incident
Anita Sarkeesian VidCon

Polygon’s Julia Alexander wrote an article on June 19th, 2018 titled “VidCon CEO addresses last year’s Anita Sarkeesian incident: ‘We…

Polygon Vilifies Republicans For Blaming Video Games, Despite Polygon Blaming Video Games
Polygon Blames Video Games

Polygon has a long, sordid, politically motivated history of blaming video games for society’s ills. The outlet is known as…

Offended Game Journalists Pillory Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come Deliverance

If you’ve played Kingdom Come: Deliverance you’ve likely encountered characters sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously quipping about being tossed into…

Polygon Writer Kieran Shiach Rallies SJWs To Take Down Diversity And Comics’ Patreon
Polygon SJW

Kieran Shiach, a contributor for Polygon and Comic Book Resources, has been rallying his followers and others within the SJW…

キャサリン・フルボデ を ィオーバー怒りを攪拌するKotakuと多角形の試み
Catherine It's Really A Trap


Polygon And Vox Implore Reddit To Ban Kotaku In Action
Vox Kotaku In Action Ban

Vox Media’s subsidiaries, Polygon and Vox.com, have both made articles in recent times imploring Reddit’s administrators to have the sub-Reddit…

SJWs Try To Start Controversy Over JonTron’s Role In A Hat In Time
A Hat in Time

Polygon published an article on October 5th, 2017 alongside the launch of Gears For Breakfast’s crowdfunded 3D platformer, A Hat…

Polygon, Vox Will Update Public Disclosures Following #GamerGate’s FTC Campaign
Vivian James kawaii - kokosac

The watchdogs of #GamerGate still remain vigilant, keeping an ethical eye on various outlets who have, in the past, committed…

#GamerGate: Polygon Continues Using Affiliate Links Without Disclosure
Polygon GamerGate

[Update: A representative for Vox Media has stated that they will update their public disclosures across all their websites.] [Original…

Polygon Fires Nick Robinson For Flirting On Social Media
Nick Robinson Fired

Polygon employee Nick Robinson has been effectively let go from the progressive gaming news outlet. The news came courtesy of…

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