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Red Matter, Sci-Fi VR Game Takes The Cold War Into Space
Red Matter

A new virtual reality adventure-puzzle game has arrived on Steam from Vertical Robot called Red Matter. The game was announced…

Exapunks Sends You Back To 1997 To Become A Trashpunk Hacker

Zachtronics followed up their very popular yet very niche Shenzen I/O with another game themed around hacking called Exapunks. You…

Iris.Fall, Psychological Dreamscape Thriller Launches This Fall On Steam
Iris Fall

Chinese publisher Zodiac Interactive and developer NEXT Studio announced that their macabre clockwork take on a story inspired by Alice…

Katamari Damacy Reroll For Nintendo Switch Sports HD Rumble, Split-Screen Play
Katamari Damacy Reroll Split-Screen

Bandai Namco and Nintendo announced that the original Katamari Damacy is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game features all…

How Many Meeples Make Your Meeple Station?
Meeple Station

I suppose when you’re attempting to combine the steady pace of a Real-Time Strategy fling with the brain gymnastics of…

Join Trap Labs for a Nintanbruh Flip and Free Chocolate Cake
Trap Labs

‘Twas 2017 when Trap Labs surfaced on Steam Greenlight as an online multiplayer platformer inspired by a category of user…

ELEA’s Out To Recover The Pilgrimage

2093 and a chronic neurological condition has turned the world’s youth into psychopaths. I suspect it has something to do…

Puzzle Adventure Evergarden Also Teaches You to Pat Head, Rub Tummy

A puzzle game that awakens the mind and quietens the soul? That’s like trying to pat your head and rub…

Mirror: The Lost Shards R18+ Uncensored Patch Download Now Available
Mirror The Lost Shard Uncensored

Kagami Works and SakuraGame released a new DLC patch for Mirror called Mirror: The Lost Shards. The DLC dropped back…

Mojo: Hanako Strip-Puzzle Game Available On Steam For Free With Nude Patch
Mojo Hanoko

In the mood to strip a busty chick down to her bra and panties and ogle some of her curvy…

HenTris, Hentai Tetris Finally Gets August 22nd Release Date On Steam

Manic Mind Game Lab originally planned on releasing HenTris on July 5th, 2018. The game is a combination of hentai…

The Sojourn First-Person Puzzle Game Heads To Steam In 2019
The Sojourn

Another first-person puzzle game has been announced, this time it’s from indie studio Shifting Tides and Netherlands publisher Iceberg Interactive….

Naughty Kingdom, Uncensored Harem Sim Available On Nutaku For Free
Naughty Kingdom

There’s a brand new uncensored dating sim with role-playing elements and puzzle mini-games to complete that’s free-to-play over on Nutaku…

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