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V-Racer: Hoverbike Features Realistic Bike Handling For VR Users
V-Racer Hoverbike

VertexBreakers recently launched their VR racing game, V-Racer: Hoverbike into Early Access on Steam. The game sees players riding and…

Gravel Cheats Modify Race Timer, AI, And Points
Gravel Cheats

A bevy selection of cheats have emerged for Milestone’s off-road racing game, Gravel. The title came out back in February…

Fast Beat Loop Racer GT, Japanese Arcade Racer Lands On Steam April 19th
Fast Beat Loop Racer GT

Japanese developer Saint-Fun International and UFO Interactive Games announced that Fast Beat Loop Racer GT, the popular arcade coin-op racing…

Horizon Chase Turbo Releases May 15th For $19.99 On PC, PS4
Horizon Chase Turbo

Brazilian developer, Aquiris Game Studio, announced that Horizon Chase Turbo is set to launch on May 15th, 2018 next month…

Indeed, Apex Racing League Seems Prettier at The Apex

The Mastretta brothers’ purist attempt at bundling a motorsport fetish into the 3D semi-isometric bundle of Apex Racing League continues…

MXGP Pro Coming To PC, PS4, Xbox One June 29th With Overhauled Physics

Italian game developer Milestone Ltd., announced that they have yet another new racing game in the works, prepping to release…

I Took Photon Highway but Hexoplanet is Really Where I Want to Be

Atmospheric is what I want for breakfast. Ads (learn more about our advertising policies here)

Onrush PAX East Trailer Features Racing And Physics-Based Wrecks
Onrush PAX East

Codemasters released a new trailer for the upcoming multi-discipline, off-road racing game for home consoles called Onrush. The gameplay trailer…

Horizon Chase Turbo PAX East Trailer Sports Split-Screen Play, Track Diversity
Horizon Chase Turbo

Brazilian game developer, Aquiris Game Studio, released a new trailer for their racing game, Horizon Chase Turbo, in celebration of…

Steel Rats Gameplay Trailer Reveals 2.5D Dieselpunk Action-Racing
Steel Rats

Tate Multimedia released the very first gameplay trailer for the upcoming 2.5D action-racing title, Steel Rats. The game is set…

Racing Apex Seeks To Bring Back Old-School Racing With Full On Destruction

An attempt to hearken back to classic 1990’s racing games like Virtua Racing and Daytona USA, comes LuckyMountains’ Racing Apex….

Crossout Update Adds Overhauled PvE Missions, Content
Crossout PvE

Building your very own post-apocalyptic war machine is fine and dandy so long as you get to show it off…

MotoGP 18 Heads To PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch This Summer
MotoGP 18

Italian developer, Milestone, and Dorna Sports S.L., recently announced that MotoGP 18 is coming out this summer for home consoles…

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