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British Legislation Seeks Tighter Regulation To Prevent Games Like Rape Day From Being Made
Rape Day

Members of British Parliament are working on a white paper for forthcoming legislation that will hold social media platforms responsible…

SidAlpha Says He Was Inundated With Threats For Criticizing Valve For Banning Rape Day From Steam
Rape Day

YouTuber SidAlpha made a video about the Rape Day situation, offering his opinions on the matter and how despite the…

Politicians Call For Regulation Of Steam Games Containing Violence Against Women
Steam Censorship

After game journalists broadcast Rape Day into the public sphere, prompting for politicians to denounce the game and call for…

Steam Bans Rape Day, Says That They Have To Make Judgment Calls About Risks To Valve
Rape Day

Valve has acknowledged that they are the taste police. They pretty much lied to the audience last year when they…

Rape Day Steam Release Under Review By Valve While Politicians Rally To Ban Game
Rape Day

[Update: 3/6/2019] Valve officially banned Rape Day from the Steam store, citing that it would be too much of a…

Rape Day Visual Novel Releases In April On Steam, But Some Gamers Want It Banned
Rape Day

Desk Plant’s Rape Day, a pick-your-own-adventure visual novel about an apocalyptic event that causes people to turn into rapist zombies,…

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