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SJW Movie Critics Try To Blame Ready Player One Backlash On #GamerGate
Ready Player One GamerGate

Some sites are completely off the deep end, constantly looking for an internet boogeyman in the dark alleys where most…

Ready Player One Latest Trailer Goes All In On An Orgy Of Visual Vomit
Ready Player One

The final trailer for Ready Player One has dropped, and it’s desperately trying to win over viewers with its “Hey,…

Ready Player One Is Attempting To Cash In On Casual Gamers Come March 29th
Ready Player One

A bunch of people who don’t play video games or probably watched commercials for video games back in the 1990s…

Ready Player One’s Big, Sloppy Trailer Gives Away The Entire Movie
Ready Player One

A new trailer dropped for Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Ready Player One. The trailer centers around the main character of Watts,…

Ready Player One’s Messy Trailer Features Duke Nukem, Kaneda’s Bike And Freddy Krueger
Ready Player One

A movie about video games called Ready Player One was showcased at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend….

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