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Reddit Starts Targeting And Banning Loli Fans For Old Posts That ‘Sexualize Minors’
Loli Attack

If you’re into loli art or part of lolicon culture, you may have a target on your back. A meme-worthy…

Reddit Bans Loli Subs, New Game! Anime Sub For Featuring ‘Suggestive Content Involving Minors’
New Game Banned

Back on December 14th, 2018 Reddit banned the sub-reddit community Lolicons Unite for containing “sexually suggestive content of minors”. Well,…

DOOM Sub-Reddit Perma-bans Anyone Who Makes ‘Transphobic’ Remarks About Trans Rights

H.BomberGuy, a video game YouTuber, recently held a charity stream for the controversial organization, Mermaids, which resulted in raising $340,000…

Reddit Moderators Remove Post Exposing Bethesda’s Violation Of GDPR Article 7
Bethesda GDPR Article 7 Violation

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect since May of 2018. However, not every company, business,…

Reddit Bans Lolicons Unite Sub-Reddit For Containing Sexually Suggestive Content Of Minors
Lolicons Unite

The war on anime lolicons continues. This time the lolicon sub-reddit, named Lolicons Unite, has been permanently banned by the…

Reddit Admins Censor Slack Leaks Of Riot Games Employees Supporting Sexism
League of Legends Reddit Censorship

Over the weekend Riot Games came under fire for its sexist policy against men for the afternoon PAX West sessions….

Battlefield Sub-Reddit Censors Criticisms About Battlefield V’s Historical Accuracy
Battlefield V Historical Accuracy

After design director Dan Berlin brushed off the negative criticisms aimed at Battlefield V as people who were still interested…

Prismata Dev’s GDC Presentation Teaches Indie Devs How To Manipulate Reddit Votes
Prismata Reddit

Elyot Grant, the founder and CEO of Lunarch Studios, the makers of an indie title Prismata, did a GDC presentation…

Reddit Policy Change Results In Massive Bans On Gun, Drug, Beer, Prostitution Sub-Reddits
Reddit Gun Ban

Reddit made a site-wide change in policy on March 21st, 2018. In the post the policy is laid out that…

Horizon Chase Turbo AMA Takes Place Feb 21st At 11:00 am PST
Horizon Chase Turbo AMA

For those of you who have been following the Brazilian developers behind Horizon Chase Turbo on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve…

DC Comics And Comic Books Sub-Reddits Ban All #ComicsGate Discussion

If you visit the social media site Reddit and check out some of the comic book sub-Reddits, such as the…

Reddit Video Enters Beta, Offers Alternative To YouTube
Reddit Video

People have been asking for an alternative to YouTube for ages. First it was DailyMotion but that didn’t last long….

Reddit CEO Admits To Shadow Editing User Comments Amid PizzaGate Scandal

The administrator and CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman (who goes by the Reddit handle Spez), admitted to altering user comments…

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