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Reddit Updates Harassment Policy, Bans Dozens Of Sub-Reddits
Reddit Censorship

Lots of sub-reddits have been permanently banned from Reddit recently following an update to their Bullying & Harassment sitewide policy.

VRChat Bans Player Supporting Hong Kong Protest For “Disruptive Behavior”

A player going by the handle of Yui claims they were banned from the virtual reality service VR Chat for…

Reddit Quarantines Chapo Trap House For “Violent Content”
Chapo Trap House Quarantined

The Chapo Trap House sub-reddit — based on the anti-Conservative, Left-wing satirical podcast of the same name — has been…

Reddit Bans Honkler Sub-Reddit
Honkler Censored

If you want to “honk, honk” at the ridiculousness of today’s Clown World, you won’t be able to do it…

YouTube Censors Video About Google Election Meddling; Reddit Suspends Project Veritas
Project Veritas Censored

Alphabet, the parent company over Google and YouTube, is now censoring videos related to Project Veritas’ latest investigation into Google…

Epic Games Sent User Info To The Wrong Person, Epic Rep Claims No Personal Info Was Leaked

According to a recent mess up, an Epic Games Store user going by the Reddit name of TurboToast3000 requested his…

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s #BoobGate Thread Gets Locked On Reddit As Worries Mount Over Tifa’s Bust Size
Tifa Final Fantasy 7

During Sony’s most recent State of Play they unveiled new gameplay footage and cinematics for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII…

Reddit User Was Banned From Socialism Sub For Being White
Socialism bans white people

A Reddit user was banned from the /r/Socialism/ sub-reddit back in mid-2018 for being white. The ridiculousness of this openly…

SJW Cringe Was Silently Banned From Reddit For Being “Unmoderated”
SJW Cringe Banned

So many people have been focused on the big subs getting banned on Reddit that was easy to miss out…

Rick Fox Departs Echo Fox Following Racist Remarks From Shareholder, But League of Legends Sub-Reddit Is Censoring The News
Rick Fox Echo Fox

Journalist Richard Lewis penned a report for Dexerto about Rick Fox parting ways from the Echo Fox e-sports organization after…

CringeAnarchy, Anti-SJW Community Shut Down By Reddit Admins For “Encouraging Violence”

Reddit’s /r/CringeAnarchy/ has been permanently shut down by the Reddit administrators for allegedly “encouraging violence”. If you attempt to visit…

Reddit Quarantines Sargon Of Akkad’s Sub-Reddit Community
Sargon Quarantined

On April 12th, 2019, YouTuber Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin announced that he was starting a campaign to run for…

Reddit’s /r/Games/ Mods Get Excoriated By Community For Being Anti-Male, Anti-Gamer SJWs
Reddit Hates Gamers

The moderators of Reddit’s /r/Games/ had a follow-up meta thread to discuss their April Fool’s day blackout where they disabled…

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