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Terminator: Resistance Had To Censor The Sex Scenes Due To Sony, Microsoft
Terminator Resistance Censorship

According to Teyon Entertainment, the reason Terminator: Resistance released with censored sex scenes was due to the platform holders, specifically…

Terminator: Resistance Mod Lets You View Uncensored Sex Scenes
Terminator Resistance Uncensored Sex

[Update: 12/5/2019:] It turns out that the scenes in Terminator: Resistance were censored due to Sony and Microsoft. [Original article:]…

Terminator: Resistance Gameplay Walkthrough
Terminator Resistance Walkthrough

Teyon and Reef Entertainment’s Terminator: Resistance for PC, PS4, and Xbox One is strangely receiving a lot of positive feedback…

Terminator: Resistance Combat Trailer Looks Empty And Underwhelming

Reef Entertainment and Teyon are working on a new Terminator game that explores the “future war.” The single-player FPS game…

Terminator: Resistance EGX Gameplay Video Previews Stealth, Weapons, Hacking Mini-Games
Terminator Resistance

Reef Entertainment and Teyon’s Terminator: Resistance is a first-person shooter. The game is a futuristic prequel to the events that…

Terminator Resistance FPS Launches On November 15th For PS4, Xbox One, Steam
Terminator Resistance

Teyon and Reef Entertainment announced that there’s going to be a tie-in video game for the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate….

Rambo The Video Game: Baker Team Walkthrough

Reef Entertainment’s newest DLC for the several-year-old Rambo video game recently released. The DLC is called Baker Team and it’s…

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