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Rend Walkthrough Guide: How To Craft And Hunt

Frostkeep Studios’ Nordic survival game, Rend, is currently in Early Access in Steam at the moment. The game features players…

Rend, Nordic Sci-Fi Survival Game Enters Early Access On Steam
Rend Early Access

A lot of gamers have been asking for more Nordic and Scandinavian themed games, where you’re playing as real strong…

Rend, World-Ending Survival Game Set To Enter Steam Early Access On July 31st, 2018
Rend - Early Access

The team-based survival game from Frostkeep Studios called Rend, is set to enter into Early Access on July 31st, 2018…

Rend, Sci-Fi Survival Game Alpha Test Sign-Ups Are Live
Rend Alpha Test

An invite-only alpha test for the survival game, Rend, is currently underway. Frostkeep Studios’ is bringing in gamers from the…

Rend Pre-Alpha Trailer Reveals Fantasy Survival Gameplay
Rend Alpha Test

Frostkeep Studios released a new pre-alpha gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Rend. It debuted as part of a press…

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