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Game Journalists Denigrate Trans Gamers To Attack Rimworld Dev

Developer Tynan Sylvester recently called out PC Gamer for their review of the full version of Rimworld, where they accused…

YouTube Demonetization Blacklist Adds Rimworld Channel, Lazy Game Reviews, Ron Paul
Ron Paul Demonetized

YouTube’s machine learning algorithm that searches out keywords, descriptions, titles, images, and comments in order to decide if a channel…

RimWorld Mod Adds Monster Girls, Wolf-Girls And Fox-Girls
Rimworld Monster Girls

Rule 34 of the internet isn’t just for images and video content, it also seems to apply for modding as…

ThinkProgress Hilariously Lies To Attack RimWorld, #GamerGate

There’s a piece that was recently published on ThinkProgress by Zack Ford who spends a lot of words and time…

RimWorld Dev Assailed By Rock, Paper, Shotgun Over Gender Politics

RimWorld is a sci-fi, procedural story generator from developer Ludeon Studios that’s still in development via Early Access. Players start…

Rimworld: Beginner Tips And Tricks To Surviving And Learning The Game

Publisher and developer Ludeon Studio’s strategy survival game that puts players’ wits to the test is now on Early Access….

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