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League Of Legends Developer Riot Games Sued For Sexism, Discrimination
League of Legends

If you were excited to read the headline because you thought that this was a follow-up to Riot Games hosting…

Riot Games Fires Daniel Z. Klein After Twitter Rant Defending Sexism, Discrimination
Riot Games Fires Daniel Klein

Riot Games lost two employees recently, systems designer Daniel Z. Klein, and communications associate Mattias Lehman. We’re unsure if Lehman…

Reddit Admins Censor Slack Leaks Of Riot Games Employees Supporting Sexism
League of Legends Reddit Censorship

Over the weekend Riot Games came under fire for its sexist policy against men for the afternoon PAX West sessions….

Riot Games Dev Daniel Z. Klein Defends Sexism, Racism, Discrimination Against Men
Riot Games Breaks The Law

Recently Riot Games made a post over on their official website indicating that they would be hosting sessions at PAX…

Riot Games PAX West Sessions Openly Discriminate With Sexism
Riot Games

Riot Games has a multitude of sessions taking place throughout PAX West in Seattle, Washington. Over on the official League…

Riot Games To Open Diversity And Inclusion Division, Will Have Anti-Bias Training
League of legends

Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, came under fire for alleged fostering a corporate culture of sexism. The spread…

League Of Legends SJWs Complain That Kai’Sa’s Neckline Is Too Sexualized
League of Legends Kai Sa

Riot Games lead producer of champions, Ryan Mireles, recently used the Q&A opportunity on the official League of Legends website…

Kai’sa, League of Legend’s Latest Champion Revealed
League of Legends Kai'sa

Riot Games has a brand new character for the League of Legends community, giving the diehard fans an opportunity to…

The Release Of League of Legends’ New Season: What’s New
League of Legends Season 8 Preview

[Disclosure: The following article contains a promotional link] The most played online game, League of Legends, is set to return…

Blitz Esports Confirms Riot Games Had Financial Stake In Operations
League of Legends

Blitz Esports confessed that Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legends, has a financial stake in the ongoing operations…

League Of Legends Overseer Of Toxicity Fired For Being Toxic, Checks Into Rehab
League of Legends

Aaron Rutledge was one of the developers who used to work for Riot Games. He was responsible for designing certain…

League Of Legends 6.23 Sees Shyvana, Akali Getting Damage Buffs

Riot Games let loose the patch notes for version 6.23 for League of Legends, the free-to-play MOBA game for PC….

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