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Vaevictis Esports, All-Female League Of Legends Team Kicked Out Of LCL
Vaevictis Esports

Reports have surfaced that the all-female League of Legends team from Russia, Vaevictis Esports, will no longer be part of…

Riot Games To Pay Out $10 Million Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement
League of Legends Lawsuit

Back in August of 2019, Riot Games announced that they had reached a settlement agreement with the feminists who alleged…

Congressman Ha Tae Kyung Seeks Prosecution For Griffin E-Sports Fraud, Illegal Contracts

There’s a massive corruption ring that’s slowly being unraveled in the realm of Korean e-sports thanks to some drama that…

League Of Legends Taiwanese Client Censors “Tiananmen”, “Freedom”, “Truth”, “Great Firewall”
League of Legends Censorship

Taiwanese gamers found out that despite Riot Games protesting any inclination to adopt China’s censorship practices for League of Legends,…

League Of Legends Censors “Uyghur”, Riot Says They’re Investigating
Riot Censorship

Some gamers who have been playing League of Legends noticed that the ethnic term “Uyghur” has been censored in the…

League Of Legends Fighting Game Project L Teased With New Trailer
League of Legends Project L

Riot Games introduced a number of new projects to the gaming audience in celebration of League of Legends’ 10 year…

Project A Is A Tactical First-Person Hero Shooter
Project A

Riot Games smells blood in the water with Overwatch dying, Apex Legends being stillborn, and Battleborn being aborted post-launch. The…

Riot Games Bars League Of Legends Players From Discussing Politics During Broadcasts
League of Legends Hong Kong Censorship

John Needham, the global head of League of Legends e-sports, sent out a public letter making it known that Riot…

Riot Games Reaches Agreement To Settle Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit
Riot Games Settlement

Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, announced that they’ve reached an agreement with the aggrieved parties involving the class-action…

Riot Games Finally Announces It Is Creating A Fighting Game… I Have Thoughts
Riot Games Fighting Game

So, it appears the long assumed Riot Games fighting game is finally being developed. For the full story on this…

Riot Games’ Chief Diversity Officer Angela Roseboro Will Influence Hiring, Inclusivity Programs
League of Legends Diversity (copyright dakongjun)

Riot Games hired in Angela Roseboro as the Chief Diversity Officer, who will head-up the company’s Diversity & Inclusion division….

Riot Games Chastises League Of Legends eSports Teams For Perceived Discrimination Against All-Female Team
League of Legends Vaevictis eSports

Riot Games has issued warnings to two teams who competed against an all-female in League of Legends. The infractions? Gender…

League Of Legends Developer Riot Games Sued For Sexism, Discrimination
League of Legends

If you were excited to read the headline because you thought that this was a follow-up to Riot Games hosting…

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