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Winds of Change, Furry Adventure Game Graduates Early Access August 21st
Winds of Change

Tall Tail Studios announced that their furry, 2D adventure role-playing title, Winds of Change, will finally graduate from Early Access…

Gamedec, Cyberpunk RPG Trailer Definitely Captures The Vibes We Expected From Cyberpunk 2077

Polish development outfit Anshar Studios announced that they have a new game in the works called Gamedec. It’s a cyberpunk…

My Time At Portia Cheats Contain Infinite Items, God Mode, Easy Crafting
My Time At Portia Cheats

Hong Kong developer Pathea Games managed to find some startling success with their crowdfunded title My Time At Portia. The…

Tina: Swordswoman Of The Scarlet Prison Now Available With R18+ Patch
Tina Swordswoman of the Scarlet Prison

Shinachiku-Castella and Kagura Games announced that Tina: Swordwoman of the Scarlet Prison has officially launched across various digital distribution outlets,…

Evenicle Cheats Feature Unlimited HP, Infinite Money
Evenicle Cheats

Alicesoft’s Evenicle has been one of those classic H-games that managed to expand beyond of the realm of simply being…

Stygian: Reign Of The Old Ones, Turn-Based Lovecraftian RPG Launches Sept 26th
Stygian Reign

Cultic Games and 1C Entertainment’s Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones is almost guaranteed to become a sleeper hit since…

Fate/Grand Order Summer Event Gets Underway While The Trailer Gets A Nude Filter
Fate Grand Order Nude Filter

Aniplex and Type-Moon’s Fate/Grand Order is currently on the receiving end of a summer event for iOS and Android devices….

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Cheats Offer One-Hit Kills, Infinite Health
Iratus Lord of the Dead

The turn-based roguelike, dark fantasy RPG from Unfrozen and Daedalic Entertainment is already a fan-favorite among RPG fans. The game…

Re:Legend, Fantasy Slice-Of-Life Multiplayer Sim Preps To Enter Early Access August 30th

Magnus Game Studio and 505 Games announced that Re:Legend, the Kickstarted fantasy-themed slice-of-life RPG, will enter into Early Access over…

Elune Launches For iOS, Android Devices And It Has Surprisingly Hot Waifus

Gamevil Inc’s Elune is a new monster collecting-RPG that features various playable characters who will party up across multiple dimensions…

Detective Girl Of The Steam City Now Available With Uncensored R18+ Patch
Detective Girl of the Steam City

Kagura Games and Clymenia’s Detective Girl Of The Steam City is currently available both in its uncensored format on JastUSA…

Pathfinder Kingmaker Cheats Shower Gamers With Infinite Money, Mega Exp
Pathfinder Kingmaker Cheats

Since Baldur’s Gate was taken over by the no-fun-allowed police, it was pretty obvious that a lot of gamers would…

Dokidoki Groove Works Reportedly Hiring To Make A Large-Scale RPG For PS4

If you don’t know what Dokidoki Groove Works is best known for, the company released Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin back…

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