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Idea Factory Bringing Otomes To Switch; Compile Heart Will Reveal RPG Based On Current Trends
Otome Switch

Idea Factory International’s president Yoshiteru Sato recently revealed that they will be bringing their console-based otome games (basically dating sims…

Magebuster: Amorous Augury R18+ Version Launches On Steam With Tentacles, Mind-Control

More of Valve’s hypocritical release policies are put to the test as Magebuster: Amorous Augury launches on the Steam store…

Dysmantle, Post-Apoc RPG Lets You Break 99% Of Everything Within The Game World

One of the top selling points for the post-apocalyptic survival simulator from 10Tons Ltd called Dysmantle is that 99% of…

Hentai School Life Banned From Steam, No Reason Given
Hentai School Life

Another game has been hit in the purge of anime titles getting removed from the Steam storefront. This time it’s…

My Erotic Summer Banned From Steam
My Erotic Summer

Valve continues to inconsistently apply their secret new censorship policies to certain games while allowing other games on the service….

Fate/Grand Order Changes Emiya Alter’s Face After Localizer Infers The Design Was Racist
Emiya Alter

A localization producer named Albert Kao revealed in a Q&A panel at the Anime Weekend in at Atalanta back in…

Kunoichi Botan R18+ Patch Available For Steam Release
Kunoichi Botan

Some developers have become wise to Valve’s inconsistent enforcement of their adult filter policy. Some games have been banned from…

Valve Informs Niplheim’s Hunter Dev To Censor Characters, Content For Steam Release
Niplheim's Hunter Censorship

Valve has yet to address the recent ban wave sweeping through Steam, with select games being targeted by certain staff…

Niplheim’s Hunter Launches Uncensored On Fakku After Being Indefinitely Delayed On Steam
Niplheim's Hunter Fakku

Valve has been on a banning spree of adult and non-adult games lately. Various visual novels and anime-themed games have…

Kotoko Is A Little Different, English Version Launches On DLSite
Kotoko is a little different launch

DLSite announced that their latest English acquisition is Kotoko Is A Little Different. The game is about lewd reciprocity, where…

Norfolk Warriors, Virtual Tabletop Game Preps For Open Beta December 1st
Norfolk Warriors

Canadian developer Mouchet Software announced that Norfolk Warriors, a game based on the Veil of Entropy series, will enter into…

Niplheim’s Hunter Launches Dec 3rd On Steam, Demo Now Available
Niplheim's Hunter

Black Train and HappyHand’s role-playing game about a hot chick who gets branded by an evil demon and goes on…

Koruldia Heritage, 2.5D Hand-Painted RPG Seeks Funds On Kickstarter
Koruldia Heritage

A classically made role-playing game from Renaud Sauzet is currently on Kickstarter right now, seeking $13,000 to finish off its…

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