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Samurai Shodown Will Finally Add Mina As DLC; King Of Fighters XV Announced
Samurai Shodown Mina

SNK dropped some big news at this year’s EVO tournament. They rolled out a new trailer featuring the upcoming DLC…

Samurai Shodown’s Sex Appeal Was Added For The Fans, Says Oda
Samurai Shodown Sex Appeal

Some of you may have noticed that Samurai Shodown for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch has moved in…

PC Platform Holder Wanted Samurai Shodown To Be Exclusive, But SNK CEO Said No
Samurai Shodown

Apparently not every game studio out there is enamored with engorging on greed and destroying the good will of their…

Samurai Shodown Rimururu Trailer Offers Gamers A Glimpse At A Young And Dangerous Waifu
Samurai Shodown Rimururu

SNK Corporation dropped a new trailer for the DLC character set to arrive in the upcoming fighting game Samurai Shodown….

Samurai Shodown Demo Download Available On PS4, Xbox One… In Asia
Samurai Shodown Demo Download

Starting May 31st, 2019, today, Xbox One and PS4 owners have an opportunity to whet their appetites ahead of the…

Samurai Shodown’s Charlotte Trailer Depicts Her As Dangerous Waifu Material
Samurai Shodown Charlotte

Charlotte was always somewhat of a standout character in SNK’s long running fighting games, mostly due to the fact that…

Samurai Shodown’s Shiki Trailer Bares Thighs, Back, And Her Alluring Bodaciousness
Samurai Shodown Shiki

SNK Corporation rolled out the official trailer for the sexy kunoichi, Shiki. She’s still sporting the bob cut with a…

Samurai Shodown Unveils The Very Leggy Wu-Ruixiang; Heads To PC, Nintendo Switch Winter 2019
Samurai Shodown

SNK Corporation revealed a new trailer for Samurai Shodown, detailing the full roster, two additional brand new characters, and the…

Samurai Shodown Roster Expands With Darli Dagger, A Sexy And Scantily Clad Caribbean Pirate
Samurai Shodown - Darli Dagger

One of the three new characters joining the roster of Samurai Shodown, which is due out this summer for the…

Samurai Shodown 12 Minute Gameplay Video Highlights Executions, Specials, And Sword Clashes
Samurai Shodown

SNK Corporation’s upcoming Samurai Shodown entry for PC and PS4 received 12 minutes of gameplay footage recently. Some of you…

Samurai Shodown Gameplay Trailer Reveals Weapon Disarms, Summer 2019 Release Window
Samurai Shodown

A classic feature from the old Samurai Shodown games was revealed during a new gameplay teaser trailer that was rolled…

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