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Super Mario Odyssey Video Reveals It Doesn’t Have Hand-Holding
SUper Mario Odyssey

A new gameplay demo for Super Mario Odyssey has been released from the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. During this year’s…

Crackdown 3 SDCC Gameplay Videos Get Awkwardly Cringe-Worthy
Crackdown 3 Terry Crews

A new 28 second teaser trailer was released by Reagent Games and Microsoft for Commander Jaxon, the action-oriented Agent from…

Ready Player One’s Messy Trailer Features Duke Nukem, Kaneda’s Bike And Freddy Krueger
Ready Player One

A movie about video games called Ready Player One was showcased at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend….

Bandai Namco Announces Gundam Versus Western Open Beta

Fancy Gundams? Do you like fighting games too? If you answered yes to both questions, then there’s good news for…

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