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Atsushi Inaba Says Platinum Games And Microsoft Both Failed With Scalebound

A new report has surfaced regarding Platinum Games and Microsoft’s cancelled action-adventure title Scalebound. Although I bet many people would’ve…

Xbox Founder Seamus Blackley Explains Why Scalebound Had To Come To An End

Were you among the crowd of fans that were disappointed about Scalebound’s demise when it was canceled? Well, Seamus Blackley, the…

Hideki Kamiya Denies Having Mental Health Issues Over Scalebound Cancellation
Scalebound - Hideki Kamiya

NeoGaf insiders claimed that Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games had to take time off due to the stress of working…

Scalebound For Xbox One Officially Canceled By Microsoft

The Xbox One exclusive that was in development by Platinum Games called Scalebound, has officially been canceled by Microsoft.

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