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Replicas Trailer Takes A High-End Concept And Puts It In A Low-End Package
Replicas Movie - Keanu Reeves

The new trailer for Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve’s Replicas centers around Keanu as a scientist attempting to replicate his…

GeoStorm Sees Gerard Butler Fighting Against Man-Made Climate Disaster

I don’t know if Liberals are going to love or hate this movie because on one hand it acknowledges climate…

Kill Switch Movie Trailer Acts Like It’s Based On A Rejected Video Game Script
Kill Switch

The movie Kill Switch starring Dan Stevens looks like the sort of film that was supposed to be an AAA…

Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race Trailer Is A Regressive Liberal’s Worst Nightmare
Iron Sky 2

Nazis. The mere name seems to cause shrieking and screeching from Regressive Liberals in today’s media society. Everyone a Regressive…

The Osiris Child Trailer Seems To Promise Big Things On A Tiny Budget
The Osiris Child

A new trailer for the Aussie sci-fi flick The Osiris Child recently went live. It’s a film that reminds me…

Alien: Covenant Trailer Revels In Sex, Gore And Science Fiction

Foreign alien worlds? Check. Sensual sex scene with a gory twist? Check. Xenomoprh bursting out of a guy’s back? Check….

Ghost In The Shell First Official Trailer Goes For Sexy Cybernetics

The upcoming Ghost In The Shell movie from Rupert Sanders and starring Scarlett Johansson as the Major, received its first…

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