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Initial D Legend 1: Awakening, Legendary Anime Coming Soon To Steam
Initial D Legend 1

One of the most legendary anime of all time is Initial D, based on the manga. The series became renown…

Monster Musume Anime For Adults Only Has Arrived on Steam [Update]
Monster Monsu

[Update:] It’s been confirmed by a Steam user that the Adults Only version on Steam is indeed the uncensored version…

Food Wars!, School-Live! Anime Make Their Way Onto Steam
Food Wars Valve

Sentai Filmworks has been having a field day recently, lobbing tons of classic and new-school anime onto Valve’s digital distribution…

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? First Season Lands On Steam For $39.99
Danmachi Memoria

Following the fallout of the Waifu Holocaust earlier this year, Valve took a completely different approach to curating content on…

GATE Anime’s First Season Launches On Steam With English Subtitles
Gate Jieitai Kanoichi Nite

Sentai Filmworks’ 2015 anime, GATE, has recently made its way onto the Steam platform. Yes, Valve didn’t just open up…

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