VGAs Had Announcements Cut

Surprising only a few, the VGAs were once again a massive dud. Yet leading into the event, insiders took to Twitter and Reset Era to unveil a lot of nothing but that they’d heard Sony and Microsoft both would have major announcements for the show. Not just the two juggernauts, but Konami and From Software both were said to be showcasing off their latest games, yet none made an appearance. Continue reading “VGAs Had Announcements Cut”

Dusk Golem Clarifies His Silent Hill Statement

As it pertains to any rumors surrounding a new Silent Hill game, I’ve opted for the wait and see approach. What we know is Konami is developing a new game in the Silent Hill franchise that sees Masahiro Ito returning in a key position. Continue reading “Dusk Golem Clarifies His Silent Hill Statement”

Konami Dismisses the Sony Silent Hill Rumors

Konami over the last few months has been awash in rumors regarding the supposed resurrection of several of their IPs. Rely on Horror offered new insights on a long-standing rumor of Sony’s involvement with an unannounced Silent Hill game. That not only was their one game, a light reboot of the series that kept the traditional style intact, but there was a second game as well. A reboot of the Silent Hills project that would see episodic releases stewarded by the original project lead Hideo Kojima with him having immense creative freedom over the project. Continue reading “Konami Dismisses the Sony Silent Hill Rumors”

Rumor Watch: Konami Employee 4chan Leak

There are rumors that have great potential to be true but just aren’t worth putting much stock in. On January 14th one such leak originated on 4chan from a self-proclaimed Konami employee regarding what is currently transpiring at the company. Said “leak’s” relevancy stems more from the traction it has gained and how it may shine a light on what is occurring between Sony and Konami. Not because it is inherently verifiable. Continue reading “Rumor Watch: Konami Employee 4chan Leak”

Rumor Watch: Sony Behind Silent Hill Resurrection

At this juncture, we know a Silent Hill game is in development. As previously covered, Mashiro Ito, the art director, has been teasing a new project with Silent Hill artwork and Konami has said they’re listening to feedback across the internet regarding the initial leak. All that remains at this juncture is an official announcement, but if new leaks from Rely On Horror are correct Sony may have played a critical role in getting the series back on its feet. Continue reading “Rumor Watch: Sony Behind Silent Hill Resurrection”

Konami Sort Of Confirms Silent Hill Project in Development

As previously covered two unannounced titles set in the Silent Hill universe are reportedly in development at unnamed studios under Konami’s direction. No, they’re not pachinko machines either but are actual legitimate games. Continue reading “Konami Sort Of Confirms Silent Hill Project in Development”

Rumors Indicate New Silent Hill Games In The Works

Silent Hill Rumor

Some websites are reporting that some new Silent Hill games are in the works after information made its way around the net via a Twitter user that some are claiming has been consistent with leaking information about Resident Evil titles. Continue reading “Rumors Indicate New Silent Hill Games In The Works”

Konami Announces New Silent Hill Game, But It’s Not What You Think

Konami knows how to rustle jimmies when it comes to classic titles and attempting to “revive” them. A year back, Konami gave us the abomination that was Metal Gear: Survive, and this year gamers get a Silent Hill game, but it’s something that nobody in their right mind would want. Continue reading “Konami Announces New Silent Hill Game, But It’s Not What You Think”