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Stop Politicizing Video Games With Race, Sex, Diversity, Says YouTuber The Act Man
SJWs Get Out

One YouTuber in the upper-brackets of the content creation circuit finally decided to have some balls and take a position…

Riot Games’ Chief Diversity Officer Angela Roseboro Will Influence Hiring, Inclusivity Programs
League of Legends Diversity (copyright dakongjun)

Riot Games hired in Angela Roseboro as the Chief Diversity Officer, who will head-up the company’s Diversity & Inclusion division….

Japan’s SDF Rebuffs Gender Studies Professor And SJWs Critical Of Sexy Strike Witches Recruitment Poster
Strike Witches

Some Social Justice Warriors in Japan have criticized the Japan Self-Defenses Forces for using a sexy poster featuring the girls…

The Escapist’s Hit Piece On TheQuartering Causes Trade Coffee Sponsor To Bail
The Quartering

It seems like the phrase “tortious interference” is tossed around a lot these days. It’s because there appears to be…

THQ Nordic Apologizes For 8Chan AMA After Game Journalists Get Butthurt And Spaz Out

On February 26th, 2019 THQ Nordic began trending on social media because they were kindly invited to an Ask Me…

Riot Games Chastises League Of Legends eSports Teams For Perceived Discrimination Against All-Female Team
League of Legends Vaevictis eSports

Riot Games has issued warnings to two teams who competed against an all-female in League of Legends. The infractions? Gender…

Lady Alchemy Comic Book Creator Martina Markota Deplatformed By Chase Bank
Lady Alchemy

Republican performance artist and comic book creator Martina Markota recently revealed that she has been dropped by Chase Bank.

Jade Has No Sex Appeal In Mortal Kombat 11, Says eSports Player Low Tier God
Mortal Kombat 11 Jade

While Social Justice Warriors, feminists, and activists posing as game journalists are ridiculing, mocking, and condemning anyone who even brings…

Media Outlets Purport Captain Marvel Is Being Review Bombed Even Though There Are No Reviews
Captain Marvel

Media outlets such as Comicbook.com, The Independent, GQ.com, CBR.com, Daily Express, Screen Rant, The Mirror, Bleeding Cool, and The Mary…

Social Justice Warriors Target Niche Gamer Owner Brandon Orselli’s Child Over Catherine Article
Catherine Full Body

Social mob justice is a new form of preventing people from expressing unpopular opinions in public that rub the extremists…

Pensacon Defends Threats Of Arrests, Claims Vic Mignogna Supporters Were Harassers, Alt-Right Trolls
Dragon Ball Super Broly

On February 16th, 2019 Pensacon made a post over on Facebook addressing the statements they made on their Twitter account…

Your Name Live-Action Remake Race-Swaps Main Character
Your Name Race Swap

The 2016 animated film, Your Name, from Makoto Shinkai released in Japan to worldwide acclaim and commercial success. The animated…

Deadmau5 Kowtows To SJWs, Apologizes For His Behavior, Says He’s Ashamed Of His Twitch Comments

On February 13th, 2019 Deadmau5 was banned from Twitch for calling someone a “fucking cock-sucking stream sniper fag” on a…

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