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Yotsunoha Launches on Jast USA, Denpasoft, Sol Press After Being Banned From Steam

Back in May of this year Valve banned the visual novel Yotsunoha from the Steam store, along with a bunch…

Yotsunoha, Runa’s Date, Gachimuchi: Ass We Can Banned From Steam

Valve is continuing to cull select anime and adult games from the Steam store. This time it includes Sol Press…

Under One Wing R18+ DLC Denied Release On Steam, Still Available For Download Off-Site
Under One Wing

Harmorise and Sol Press’ Under One Wing: We Dream Together was supposed to receive a DLC update containing the R18+…

Newton And The Apple Tree R18+ Patch Is Now Available For Download
Newton and the Apple Tree Uncensored Patch

Laplacian and Sol Press’ Newton And The Apple Tree is a gender-bender, loli-themed retelling of how gravity was discovered. The…

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