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Little Friends: Dogs And Cats Release Set For May 28th Exclusively On Nintendo Switch
Little Friends

This may be somewhat of a departure from the typical news on this site. Yes, it’s a video game and…

Little Friends: Dogs And Cats, Realistic Pet Sim Coming Exclusively To Nintendo Switch This Spring
Little Friends Dogs and Cats

U.K., publishing outfit Sold Out has teamed up with the indie studio Imagineer to release Little Friends: Dogs & Cats…

Immortal: Unchained Closed Alpha Test Will Start In March For PC Gamers
Immortal Unchained Closed Beta

The upcoming action-oriented hack-and-slash game with some third-person shooting elements and a sci-fi motif called Immortal: Unchained will receive its…

Immortal Unchained, Sci-Fi Action-RPG Coming To PS4, XB1, PC In 2018
Immortal Unchained

A new hardcore, action-RPG set in a futuristic, sci-fi, apocalyptic universe called Immortal: Unchained has been announced for the Xbox…

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