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Bob Iger Admits George Lucas Hates Disney’s Star Wars and How They Ignored His Vision
Star Wars

Disney’s Star Wars is not in a good spot, to put it mildly. Toy sales, the indomitable juggernaut of the…

Star Wars Is Awesome: That Disney Sci Fi Series Sucks Tho!
Star Wars

As many of you are well aware, that shitty sci fi fan fiction series Disney slapped the Star Wars brand…

Game Developers, It’s Time To Stop Listening To VG247
VG 247

Yesterday VG247 released an op-ed entitled “Game developers, it’s time to stop listening to the fans.” I found the piece…

LucasFilm’s Kiri Hart Moves Into Consultancy Role After Joining MRC Diversity Initiative
Star Wars Kiri Hart

Former Lucasfilm story group overseer for Star Wars, Kiri Hart, has moved into a new position at Lucasfilm as a…

LucasFilm Steps In To Remove Unauthorized Monetization Claim On Darth Vader Fan Film
Darth Vader Fan Film

Star Wars Theory has been put through a rough couple of days after Warner Chappell and the Disney Music label…

Disney Music Publisher Claims Darth Vader Fan Film On YouTube And Monetizes It
Vader Fan Film

[Update 1/16/2019:] The monetization claim from Disney and Warner Chappell has been removed from the Darth Vader fan film thanks…

Star Wars Revenue Takes Dive Across Video Games, Merchandise, Comic Books
Star Wars Dying

The Left-wing media only reports on certain topics regarding certain media properties. They have a very obvious bias and agenda…

Star Wars: 1313 Is Coming Back As A Fan Game
Star Wars 1313

Reports are going around that Star Wars: 1313 is coming back. YouTube channel Star Wars Comics has apparently reached out…

Episode Backlash, Documentary About LucasFilm Attacking Star Wars Fandom Releases May 2020
Episode Backlash

Marc John, the director for the upcoming documentary, Episode Backlash, released the first of three posters for the upcoming documentary….

Disney Cancels Star Wars Boba Fett Film
Boba Fett

The rumored spin-off Star Wars film that was supposed to star Boba Fett has been cancelled, or so says a…

Star Wars Author Chuck Wendig Fired From Marvel Following His Rant Against Trump
Chuck Wendig Fired

Marvel originally hired Chuck Wendig to produce a mini-series called Star Wars: Shadow of Vader. It was announced on October…

Episode Backlash Documentary Investigates Media’s Demonization Of Star Wars Fans
Episode Backlash

British film producer, Marc John, managed to win a lawsuit against LucasFilmsl after the company tried to shut down a…

Star Wars Director Rian Johnson Blames #GamerGate For Fan Disgruntlement
Rian Johnson vs GamerGate

Following on the heels of other Star Wars book authors attacking fans, Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson…

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