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Armello, Tactical Animated 3D Board Game Hits Nintendo Switch Sept 27th

Combining hand-drawn cartoon cinematics, isometric hexagonal game boards, and tactical turn-based combat, Armello is a very unique blend of various…

eSports Legend Demo Currently Available For Download
eSports Legend

The Chinese apparently really love the idea of becoming a legendary gamer in the realm of e-sports. This is exemplified…

Star Control: Origins Original Soundtrack Will Be Available September 20th
Star Control Origins

Stardock Entertainment announced that composers Mason Fisher and Riku Nuottajarvi were tapped to put together the original soundtrack for Star…

Star Control: Origins Trailer Outlines Massive Galaxy Exploration, Planetary Travel
Star Control Origins

Stardock Entertainment recently released a new trailer for Star Control: Origins coming out of the PAX West weekend. The new…

Two Point Hospital Update Removes Denuvo DRM
Two Point Hospital Denuvo

Sega and TwoPoint Studios managed to capture a hot start with the release of Two Point Hospital on Steam back…

Two Point Hospital Cheats Enable Infinite Money, Infinite Patient Health
Two Point Hospital Cheats

Sega’s Two Point Hospital is being hailed as the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, a beloved game from way back…

Age Of Gladiators II: Rome, Gladiatorial Management Sim Launches on Steam
Age of Gladiators II Rome

Creative Storm Entertainment announced that the strategy management sim set during the height of the Roman empire called Age of…

Republic Of Armenia Officially Promotes Crusader Kings 2, Despite Media Claiming It As Alt-Right
Crusader Kings 2

Back in April of 2018 Newsweek and certain Left-wing Social Justice types began claiming that Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings 2…

Fap CEO Launches For Free And Uncensored On Nutaku

Nutaku announced that the browser-based strategy game, Fap CEO, is currently available for free over on their adult web portal….

The Commission: OC Replaces Prohibition Era Glitz With Numbers
The Commission

Upon first glance, The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy seems like the perfect accompaniment to those naïve, pre-adolescent years of…

Not Tonight, Brexit Dystopian Simulator Launches August 17th
Not TOnight

A game that’s causing a lot of salt, triggering, anger, and arguments in the Steam forums is PanicBarn and No…

This Is The Police 2 Cheats Grant You Unlimited Money, Infinite Action Points
This Is The Police 2

Even though Weappy Studio and THQ Nordic only just released This Is The Police 2 yesterday, there are already some…

I’m Not A Monster’s Free Demo Puts A Sci-Fi Spin On The Mafia/Werewolf Concept
I'm Not A Monster

The Mafia/Werewolf is designed around various players being assigned a role, with one player being the werewolf or a member…

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