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Phoenix Point Epic Games Store Exclusivity Results In Crowdfunding Backers Demanding Refunds
Phoenix Point

After racking up $765,948 in crowdfunding money from backers through Fig, Snapshot Games pulled a swerve ball by garnering additional…

Siege Of Centauri Founder’s Program Beta Access Starts March 28th
Siege of Centauri

Stardock Entertainment announced that Siege of Centauri will have a beta test made available for founder’s who pre-purchase the game…

The Princess Guide Will Release Uncensored on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Says NIS America
The Princess Guide

With every new game release coming to PS4 or Switch, whether it be a global release or an import from…

Siege Of Centauri Is A New Tower Defense Game Set Within The Ashes Of The Singularity Universe
Siege of Centauri

Stardock Entertainment announced that they have a brand new game on the way called Siege of Centauri. It’s a strategic…

Dawn Of Man Cheats Enable Infinite Stats, Unlimited Bank Resources, Free Trade
Dawn of Man Cheats

One of the most popular games on Steam at the moment is the prehistoric, strategic survival game from Madruga Works…

Dawn Of Man, Prehistoric Strategy Survival Game Launches On Steam
Dawn of Man

Madruga Works’ Dawn of Man, the prehistoric strategic survival game set during 12,000 B.C., has finally arrived on the Steam store…

Phantom Doctrine Update Adds Customized User-Created Content Support
Phantom Doctrine

Good Shepherd Entertainment and CreativeForge Games announced that the latest update for the Cold War espionage thriller, Phantom Doctrine, brings…

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, Modern Military Mount And Blade-Style Sim Will Add Mod Support

KK Game Studio announced that as they near the finish line for the strategic first-person shooter game, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare,…

Sengoku Neet Omake Update Includes Deleted Scenes Featuring Missing Character Art
Sengoku Neet

Japanese developer Jaxy Create originally released Sengoku Neet on Steam on February 14th, 2019 in a rather broken state. The…

Girls Garrison Tower Defense Game And 7 Angels Dating Sim Launch Uncensored On Nutaku
Girls Garrison

A new tower defense strategy game called Girls Garrison and a new dating sim called 7 Angels have both launched…

Offworld Trading Company Free Multiplayer Client Arrives With Market Corrections DLC On Feb 28th
Offworld Trading Company

Stardock Entertainment and Mohawk Games announced that there’s a free multiplayer client for Offworld Trading Company set to release alongside…

RIOT: Civil Unrest Riot Simulator Graduates From Early Access, Adds Yellow Vests Protests
Civil Unrest

Leonard Menchiari and IV Productions announced alongside Merge Games that RIOT: Civil Unrest has officially graduated from Early Access on…

Starblazer, VR-RTS Game Lets You Build Your Own Fleets And Battle In Space

PRO2131 recently released Starblazer, a virtual reality RTS game, into Early Access over on the Steam store for $19.99.

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