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Streets Of Rage 4 Art Wanted To Pay Homage To The Classics While Trying Something New
Streets of Rage 4

Lizardcube creative director Ben Fiquet and lead background artist Julian Nguyen You spoke at length for about six minutes about…

Streets Of Rage 4 Trailer Reveals Adam Hunter, Nintendo Switch Release
Streets of Rage 4

LizardCube, Guard Crush, and Dotemu announced that Streets of Rage 4 is currently slated to release on the Nintendo Switch….

Streets Of Rage 4 Gameplay Video Highlights New Weapons, Music, And Enemies
Streets of Rage 4

Lizardcube, DotEmu and Guard Crush Games almost looked to be putting Streets of Rage back on the map in a…

Streets Of Rage 4 Trailer Reveals The Unappealing Cherry Hunter
Streets of Rage 4 Cherry Hunter

Guard Crush Games, LizardCube and DotEmu rolled out a new GamesCom 2019 trailer for the highly anticipated, hand-animated beat-’em-up sequel…

Yūzō Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima Return To Score Streets Of Rage 4 Soundtrack
Streets of Rage 4

One of the most requested features for the upcoming iteration of Streets of Rage 4 from DotEmu has been for…

Streets Of Rage 4 Trailer Reveals More Stages, Air-Juggles, And Blaze’s Short Skirt
Streets of Rage 4

Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games’ take on Sega’s unforgettable beat-’em-up franchise, Streets of Rage, is one of the most highly…

Streets Of Rage 4 Gameplay Clips, Screenshots Capture HD Hotness
Streets of Rage 4

DotEmu and Lizardcube are aiming to rekindle some of the old-school, radical retro-ness of the beat-’em-up genre with Streets of…

Streets Of Rage 4 Trailer Reveals New Art Style
Streets of Rage 4

Known to some gamers as Bare Knuckle and Streets of Rage to others, it looks like Dotemu, Guard Crush Games,…

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