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According To “Journalists” Days Gone Is Too White And Has Players Killing Innocent Children

Days Gone is an upcoming third-person survival shooter game that’s set to launch exclusively on PS4 on April 26th, 2019….

Dawn Of Man Cheats Enable Infinite Stats, Unlimited Bank Resources, Free Trade
Dawn of Man Cheats

One of the most popular games on Steam at the moment is the prehistoric, strategic survival game from Madruga Works…

Dawn Of Man, Prehistoric Strategy Survival Game Launches On Steam
Dawn of Man

Madruga Works’ Dawn of Man,┬áthe prehistoric strategic survival game set during 12,000 B.C., has finally arrived on the Steam store…

Fear The Wolves, Chernobyl Battle Royale Game Graduates From Early Access On Steam
Fear The Wolves

Vostok Games and Focus Home Interactive announced that Fear The Wolves has officially graduated from Early Access on Steam. The…

Subnautica: Below Zero Cheats Give You Access To Infinite Health, Unlimited Food, Oxygen, Water
Subnautica Sub-Zero Cheats

Unknown Worlds Entertainment are known for a couple of things: Natural Selection, Subnautica and firing a Conservative employee for not…

Heat: Mount And Blade Meets Red Dead In New American Frontier Sim

Code}{atch’s latest outing is the Western survival simulator, Heat. The game is set during the American Frontier era, where the…

Dysmantle, Post-Apoc RPG Lets You Break 99% Of Everything Within The Game World

One of the top selling points for the post-apocalyptic survival simulator from 10Tons Ltd called Dysmantle is that 99% of…

This War of Mine: Complete Edition Switch Review – Shock and Awe
This War of Mine Complete Edition Review

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article] It’s almost impossible to begin a review of…

JCB Pioneer: Mars, Construction Survival Game Launches On Nintendo Switch
JCB Pioneer Mars

Atomicom announced that the Nintendo Switch versin of JCB Pioneer: Mars is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for those…

Atlas Pelted With Negative Reviews Over DLC Debacle, Launch Woes
Atlas Hated

Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved recently received a spin-off called Atlas. The game released on December 22nd, 2018. The game…

DayZ Hits Version 1.0 And Has Finally Graduated From Steam Early Access
DayZ Graduates Early Access

Bohemia Interactive announced that the game that started the whole zombie survival trend in gaming has finally graduated from Early…

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Is An Open-World Adventure Set 9.5 Million Years B.C.

Former Ubisoft developers who worked on games like Assassin’s Creed are currently hard at work on Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey,…

Journey To The Savage Planet Coming To PS4, Xbox One, PC In 2019
Journey To The Savage Planet

It seems like there’s been a deluge of news about a bunch of games getting censored, anime getting butchered by…

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