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Amazon’s Smart Speaker “Alexa” Has Integrated With Other Devices, Appliances, And Vehicles
Amazon Smart Speaker Alexa

Most consumers know about Amazon’s current smart speakers, which are the Echo Plus, the Echo (2nd Generation), and the Echo…

Google Offers Three Varieties of Google Home Smart Speakers
Google Home Speakers

If you’re in the market for a smart speaker, Google offers three different smart speakers ranging from the highest current…

Robotic Prostheses Surgery Now Lets Users Feel Their Bionic Limbs

It was just a few short months ago, back in March of 2018, that we reported on advancements in the…

J-Deite RIDE Is Brave Robotics’ First Transforming Vehicular Mech
J-deite RIDE

The J-Deite RIDE is a transformer. No, it’s not officially licensed by Hasbro, it’s an actual transforming sports car. It…

Hero Arm, Medically Approved Bionic Prosthetic Launches April 25, 2018 In UK
Open Bionics - Hero Arm

Open Bionics announced that the 3D printed, bionic prosthetic called the Hero Arm, will be available for U.K., residents starting…

Deux Ex-Style Prostheses Comes One Step Closer With Bionic Nerve Surgery
Deus Ex Robotic Prosthetic

Anyone who has been following the advancements in bionic prostheses knows that there have been rapid developments within the last…

OrthoVR For HTC Vive Helps Doctors Design Prosthetic Limbs For Amputees

Virtual reality hasn’t really taken off in the world of gaming the way some people envisioned. It’s just not that…

Intel CPU Kernel Flaw Will Be Patched Jan 9th; Intel Claims Reports Are Overblown
Intel Exploit

According to multiple reports, Intel has a flaw in its CPU line from the last decade that could be exploited…

Open Bionics Robotic Prosthetic Hand Available For £1,499
Open Bionics

Need a hand? No really… if you need a new hand Open Bionics has you covered. The advanced technology company…

Robotic Prosthesis Takes Step Forward With Cheaper Alternatives, Haptic Feedback

There have been a couple of interesting steps in the evolution of robotic prosthesis. It was briefly put in the…

Penna Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Pre-Orders Are Now Open
Penna Retro Keyboard

Elretron’s Penna Bluetooth Typewriter just wrapped up its IndieGoGo campaign today. The project managed to rack up nearly $500,000 in…

Myo-Prosthesis And Machine Learning Continue To Make Dramatic Advancements

Last year the concept of myoelectric gestures based on muscle data translated into bionic prosthesis movement was a big thing….

AMD Ryzen 8-Core CPU Launches March 2nd For $329
Ryzen 7

The 8-core, 16-thread mega beast that AMD has been toiling away on is finally prepping for release and the company…

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