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Terminator: Dark Fate’s Second Trailer Is Filled With Vapid Carnage
Terminator Dark Fate

Tim Miller might be a good director, but it’s not really looking like Terminator: Dark Fate is going to be…

Terminator: Dark Fate Director Continues To Kill Interest With Woke Jab At “Misogynists”
Terminator Dark Fate Woke SJW Misogynists

What’s the best way to ensure that people don’t show up at a movie theater to watch propaganda? Let them…

Linda Hamilton Voices Sarah In Gears Of War 5 Terminator Crossover
Gears of War 5 Linda Hamilton

During the E3 Coliseum panel that took place on Day 1 of E3 2019 hosted by The Coalition studio head…

Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Tries Really Hard Not To Suck, But It Still Doesn’t Feel Like Terminator
Terminator Dark Fate - Arnold

Tencent (yes the same one that has a high stake in Epic Games), Paramount, Skydance, and 20th Century Fox rolled…

New Terminator’s First Poster Focuses On Girl Power
Terminator (2019)

Hollywood’s craze with feminism is front and center in the new poster for the upcoming reboot-sequel for Terminator. I’m not…

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