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Tesla Vs Lovecraft: For Science DLC Will Add New Weapons, New Perks, New Monsters
Tesla vs Lovecraft For Science

One of the more inventive games to come out in recent times is 10Tons Ltd’s Tesla Vs Lovecraft. The top-down…

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Releases On Xbox One March 16th
Tesla Vs Lovecraft

10Tons announced that after a successful launch of Tesla Vs Lovecraft on Steam, the developers are now putting their sights…

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Available For Download On Steam For $14.99
Tesla Vs Lovecraft

10Tons really seems to want to take their name to the next level. They think they’ll be able to do…

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Preps For Release On Steam Starting January 26th
Tesla vs Lovecraft

10tons announced recently that their top-down, twin-stick sci-fi shooter, Tesla Vs Lovecraft is due for release on January 26th in…

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