Gears 5 Consulted With Microsoft’s GLEAM Team To Be More “Inclusive”

Gears 5

During a keynote speech at MIGS, studio head for The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, talked about how they made Gears 5 “inclusive” and basically designed the game around a demographic that wasn’t core to the franchise (which was partly why they teamed up with Facebook). Fergusson covered the key points of the “inclusivity” that they heaped into the game courtesy of Microsoft’s GLEAM team, all while completely avoiding talking about the sales data since the game isn’t doing so hot on the market. Continue reading “Gears 5 Consulted With Microsoft’s GLEAM Team To Be More “Inclusive””

Gears 6 Art Direction May Draw From Handmaid’s Tale, Says Art Director

Gears 6

If The Coalition teaming up with Facebook for the Women In Gaming social engineering initiative wasn’t a telltale enough sign that Gears 5 was going to be catering toward feminists, perhaps the art director, Aryan Hanbeck, openly admitting that he had the art team check out Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale for palette inspiration might finally convince some of the people who keep their head in the sand to realize that Gears of War as a franchise is lost. Continue reading “Gears 6 Art Direction May Draw From Handmaid’s Tale, Says Art Director”

Gears 5 Cheats Feature God Mode, Easy Kills, Infinite Ammo

Gears 5 Cheats

The Coalition’s feminist-themed third-person shooter, Gears 5, got off to a middling start on Xbox One and PC. The game takes the core concept of the gory TPS that helped shape the Xbox 360 era a generation ago but laces it with all of the typical current day feminist empowerment elements that have many gamers have come to loathe in today’s industry. Even still, if you were one of those poor sods who picked up a copy of this game for Xbox One or PC, there are at least some cheats available for you. Continue reading “Gears 5 Cheats Feature God Mode, Easy Kills, Infinite Ammo”

Reports And Videos Claim Gears 5 Is Glitchy And Has Server Issues

Gears 5 is out now, well the Ultimate Edition launched on September 6th, while the Standard Edition of the game will release worldwide on September 10th. In other words, the PC and Xbox One family of consoles have access to the third-person shooter via Xbox Game Pass or the Ultimate Edition. Well, two days before the Standard Edition goes live players have met a myriad of bugs along the way. Continue reading “Reports And Videos Claim Gears 5 Is Glitchy And Has Server Issues”

Gears 5 Ending Explained

Gears 5 Ending Explained

There were some people claiming that Gears 5 was fine; that it wasn’t woke. However, it turns out that the game is woke, and it continues to push the exact same kind of propaganda that you would expect from a converged studio. For those of you curious what the game’s story is about and how it ends, you can find out right here. Continue reading “Gears 5 Ending Explained”

Gears 5 Is “Grounded In Diversity”, Says Rod Fergusson

Gears 5

“Diversity” and “Inclusivity” are code words for anti-straight white male. Anyone who isn’t already brainwashed knows this. Just pay attention. Any time you see those words being used by “Progressives”, it’s oftentimes at the exclusion of straight white males. A perfect example of that is Gears 5 and it’s multiplayer banners. The Coalition included 19 Pride flags spanning the alphabet soup spectrum, but not one flag representing Straight Pride. Despite the exclusion of heterosexual representation within the game’s multiplayer banner selection, The Coalition’s studio head, Rod Fergusson, still claims that the game is “diverse”. Continue reading “Gears 5 Is “Grounded In Diversity”, Says Rod Fergusson”

Rod Fergusson Wants To Expand The “Gears” Series Into Comics And Movies

In a recent interview, the Hollywood Reporter was able to catch up with The Coalition studio head and creative director, Rod Fergusson, and get his take on what gamers and fans can expect from the franchise moving forward. Well, it looks like comics and movies are on Fergusson’s bucket list. Continue reading “Rod Fergusson Wants To Expand The “Gears” Series Into Comics And Movies”

Gears 5 Gameplay Walkthrough

Gears 5 Walkthrough

The Coalition and Microsoft’s Gears 5 is now out and available for the Xbox One and on the Windows Store and Steam for PC. Walkthroughs are already popping up for the game, so for those of you interested in the game (what scant few of you remain who are actually still fans), you can check out the gameplay walkthrough for the feminist-themed third-person shooter. Continue reading “Gears 5 Gameplay Walkthrough”

Gears 5 Includes Trans, Gay Pride Multiplayer Banners

Gears 5 Pride Flag

Ahead of the launch of Gears 5 for the Xbox One, Windows 10, and on Steam for PC, some new screenshots have been making their way around social media from the game’s multiplayer. The screenshots contain banners from the game’s multiplayer mode, and the banners are for gay pride and trans rights. Continue reading “Gears 5 Includes Trans, Gay Pride Multiplayer Banners”

Gears 5 Adds Bautista To The Multiplayer Mode

Geras 5 Bautista

The Coalition and Microsoft must recognize that Gears 5 is looking awfully sparse in the testosterone department, and decided to give it a much-needed shot in the arm by introducing a celebrity fan of the series to the multiplayer mode, and it’s none other than former professional wrestler and Marvel movie star, Dave Bautista. Continue reading “Gears 5 Adds Bautista To The Multiplayer Mode”

Gears 5 PC Specs Revealed

Do you know that game with the female lead that seems to have mental issues according to the trailers? Yeah, well it’s Gears 5. And recently the Xbox Game Studios and The Coalition have come forth with the upcoming third-person shooter’s PC system requirements. Continue reading “Gears 5 PC Specs Revealed”

Gears 5 Campaign Story Trailer Does Little To Impress

Gears 5

Attaching Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole” to a near two minute trailer featuring the campaign mode of Gears 5 has done little to impress any gamer out there who was skeptical about the title. Fanboys are probably head-over-heels for the social engineering experiment, but no one ever accused a fanboy of being smart. Continue reading “Gears 5 Campaign Story Trailer Does Little To Impress”

Gears 5 Censoring Depictions Of Smoking

Gears 5 Censorship

Gears 5 won’t have any depictions of smoking, whether it be from cigarettes, cigars, or anything in between. The reason is because Microsoft teamed up with Truth Initiative to remove any depictions of smoking from the game after Truth approached an e-sports league partner named Turner about the issue, who in turn brought the complaint to Microsoft. Continue reading “Gears 5 Censoring Depictions Of Smoking”

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