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The Last Night For Xbox, PC Needs Funds But AAA Dev Activists Are Trying To Stop It
The Last Night

The real life scenario involving the development of Tim Soret’s The Last Night, a hybrid pixelated 3D cyberpunk game themed…

The Last Night Dev Apologizes To SJWs For Criticizing Anita Sarkeesian
Tim Soret

Three years ago Odd Tales’ creative director Tim Soret criticized Anita Sarkeesian for radicalizing and mobilizing Liberal Social Justice Warriors…

SJWs Attack The Last Night Developer Tim Soret
The Last Night

Odd Tales is working on a cool cyberpunk game called The Last Night for home consoles and PC. It was…

E3 2017: The Last Night Is A Visual Tour De Force Of Cyberpunk Ecstasy
The Last Night

Odd Tales originally debuted The Last Night, a pixel-parallax cyberpunk adventure game, a few months ago. However, during the Microsoft…

The Last Night Trailer Teases A Cyberpunk Action-Adventure
The Last Night

Odd Tales and Raw Fury are working on a new game called The Last Night. It’s an indie cyberpunk tale…

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