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The Mary Sue Thanks Kotaku, ComicBook.com For Coverage Of Overwatch’s ‘Ellie’ Controversy Even Though It Was Proven To Be Fake News
Mary Sue Kotaku

On January 4th, 2019 Kaila Hale-Stern from The Mary Sue published an article complaining about the treatment of women in…

Honey Badger Loses Court Case Against Mary Sue, Calgary Expo
Honey Badger Brigad

Hannah Wallen from The Honey Badger Brigade, a men’s rights activist group, announced that the Honey Badgers did not come…

Honey Badger Radio Lawsuit Involving Mary Sue Goes Back To Court In 2019
Honey Badger GamerGate

[Correction: The article previously stated that Hannah Wallen made the update, but it was actually Alison Tieman] Alison Tieman from…

#GamerGate: Honey Badger Brigade Preps For Trial Against Mary Sue, Calgary Expo
Honey Badger Brigade

The Honey Badger Brigade vowed to sue The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo for defamation following the fallout from being…

#GamerGate: Deep Freeze Adds Kotaku, Polygon, Mary Sue Conflicts Of Interest
Deep Freeze

While the media continues to trip over themselves with misinformation about #GamerGate and its role in the gaming industry, the…

Honey Badger Court Trial Against The Mary Sue, Calgary Expo Set For November 29th
Honey Badger GamerGate

The Honey Badger Radio lawsuit against Calgary Expo and The Mary Sue has received an official trial date of November…

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