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Em8ER Will Have A Butt Slider For Customizable Characters
Em8ER Butt Slider

Crixa Labs’ Em8ER is an upcoming mech versus kaiju MMO being headed up by legendary developer Mark Kern. Recently on…

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Gears up for October 15th PC Release

Earth Defense Force the long running Japanese series featuring destructible environments as players fight off gigantic aliens who have invaded…

Warframe Player Was Temp Suspended By Staff For Joking About “The Big Gay”
Warframe The Big Gay

A gay Warframe player was temporarily suspended by one of the Digital Extremes staff for joking about “The Big Gay”…

Report Claims Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Is Already On Sale At Major Retailers

If a game is discounted heavily during launch week in 2019, then the chances of it selling well are low….

Vigilance, Indie Cyberpunk Bounty Hunter Game Is Inspired By Prey 2 Prototype

Nas Nakarus is working on a bleak, visually stimulating first-person shooter themed after the cancelled Prey 2 prototype called Vigilance….

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Cheats Feature Infinite XP, Unlimited Credits
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is out and available for anyone who enjoys microtransaction-ridden, looter-shooter grindfests on home consoles and PC….

The Last Of Us Part 2 Was Inspired By Druckmann’s Upbringing In Israel
Neil Druckmann - Jew

Neil Druckmann went on a tour de force of laying down as much information as possible to the media during…

Kaede The Eliminator Launches Censored On Steam; R18+ Uncensored Patches Available Off-Site
Kaede the Eliminator

Moyashi Research Institute and DLSite officially launched Kaede The Eliminator on Steam for $24.99. The game is discounted during the…

Girls’ Deadly School Banned From Steam For Being “Just A Troll Game”
Girls Deadly School

Russian developers oftentimes face hardships on Steam similar but not quite in the same way as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese…

Naughty Dog Will Explore Online Factions Mode But Not For Last Of Us Part 2
The Last of Us Part 2

Naughty Dog already announced that they won’t be including an online multiplayer mode in The Last Of Us: Part II….

The Last Of Us: Part 2 Will Be On Two-Disc, Won’t Have Multiplayer

Naughty Dog revealed a new portion of The Last of Us: Part 2  during the most recent State of Play,…

Death Stranding Has Gone Gold In Preparation Of Nov 8th Release
Death Stranding

Kojima Productions announced that Death Stranding has officially gone gold for the PlayStation 4, which means that core development on…

The Vision, Time-Traveling Survival-Shooter Set To Receive A Public Prototype
The Vision

Quixotic Interactive’s The Vision has been in development for nearly half a decade. The one-man project is being funded through…

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