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Some Fans Of Biomutant Stress Concerns Over Possible Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivity

Back in 2017 THQ Nordic took to its Twitter account to announce the acquisition of Experiment 101. The latter name…

Generation Zero Launch Trailer Reminds Gamers That Robots Have Invaded Sweden In 1989
Generation Zero

The launch trailer for Avalanche Studios and THQ Nordic’s Generation Zero has gone live. The four-player cooperative shooter-survival game set…

Waypoint Refuses To Forgive THQ Nordic After They Apologized For 8chan AMA
THQ Nordic

Game journalists are vindictive, petty, vengeful, and economically dangerous. Individually they’re about as harmful as a hogtied gimp in a…

Game Journalists Bully THQ Nordic CEO Into Apologizing For 8chan AMA
THQ Nordic

Game journalists and competing publishers bullied THQ Nordic into deleting a tweet advertising the Ask Me Anything they conducted on…

Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis Pressured THQ Nordic To Remove Tweet About AMA On 8chan
Shannon Loftis THQ Nordic

The general manage of Microsoft Studios Publishing, Shannon Loftis, was one of the many verified Twitter users and industry professionals…

Frank Cifaldi Tries To Get PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox To End Business Relations With THQ Nordic Due To 8chan AMA
Frank Cifaldi

After THQ Nordic participated in an AMA over on 8chan, answering questions and engaging with hardcore gamers, game journalists flipped…

THQ Nordic Apologizes For 8Chan AMA After Game Journalists Get Butthurt And Spaz Out

On February 26th, 2019 THQ Nordic began trending on social media because they were kindly invited to an Ask Me…

MX Vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition Heads To PC, PS4, Xbox One On March 12th For $29.99

THQ Nordic has been on a roll with stacking the market with a ton of AA-priced titles for the Xbox…

Monster Jam Steel Titans Will Crush Cars And Grind Dirt On PS4, PC, Xbox One Starting June 25th
Monster Jam Steel Titans

THQ Nordic and Feld Entertainment announced that Monster Jam Steel Titans will release on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC…

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer Warhorse Studios Acquired By THQ Nordic
Kingdom Come Deliverance

THQ Nordic announced that Warhorse Studios is now part of their ever-growing stable of AA developers. The mid-tier publisher has…

Darksiders 3 Gameplay Walkthrough
Darksiders 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games decided to move forward with the Darksiders franchise following the dissolution of Vigil Games and…

Darksiders 3 Trailer Features Fury In A Short Music Video
Darksiders 3

Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic released a new trailer for Darksiders III featuring Fury and her horse out in the…

Darksiders 3 Launch Trailer Attempts To Remind Gamers About Its Release
Darksiders 3 - Credit THQ Nordic

Gunfire Games’ Darksiders 3 is prepping for release, and the company released a new trailer for the hack-and-slash action game….

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