Adr1ft Developer Three One Zero Shuts Down

Three One Zero launched Adr1ft last year and then decided to hang up their boots. Founder Adam Orth of “Deal with it” fame, announced the departure from the studio during an interview with VentureBeat. Continue reading “Adr1ft Developer Three One Zero Shuts Down”

ADR1FT Reportedly Cancelled For Xbox One

Back in July of this year it was announced that ADR1FT from Three One Zero would launch on the Xbox One on September 16th, following on the July 15th release of the game on PS4. The game had first launched on PC for desktops and VR headsets and was supposed to be made available for consoles shortly thereafter. Well, new reports are stating that the Xbox One version of ADR1FT is cancelled. Continue reading “ADR1FT Reportedly Cancelled For Xbox One”

505 Games Will Release Adr1ft For PS4 On July 15th

Those of you who are rocking a PS4 will soon be able to get their hands on 505 Games and Three One Zero’s latest project Adr1ft. The space adventure survival game is already out for PC through Steam, which holds a user review and recent review of Mixed. The publisher plans on bringing the game to PS4 on July 15th. Continue reading “505 Games Will Release Adr1ft For PS4 On July 15th”

Review Report: Adr1ft Wins With Graphics, Loses On Story

Three One Zero’s experimental space simulator, Adr1ft, managed to make its way onto Steam recently for the Oculus Rift and the new HTC Vive. It’s a game centered around the use of a virtual reality headset. Although, it’s completely possible to play the game without a VR headset. Continue reading “Review Report: Adr1ft Wins With Graphics, Loses On Story”

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