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YouTube Censors Tim Pool Video About Pinterest Censoring Conservatives Due To “Privacy Violation”
Tim Pool Censored

Journalist and YouTube vlogger Tim Pool has been caught up in a wave of increasing censorship taking place on YouTube…

Tim Pool Retains Lawyer For Legal Battle Against Studio FOW Over Subverse Porn Game
Subverse vs Tim Pool

[Update 4/14/2019:] Tim Pool reached out to explain that there’s no lawsuit yet, he’s only retained a lawyer. He also…

Paypal Pulls Support For SubscribeStar Users, Including Tim Pool, Sargon of Akkad
Sargon Tim Pool Subscribestar

For people using SubscribeStar, there used to be an option to cash out the donations you received via Paypal. That…

Tim Pool Video Criticizing Fake News About Florida Shooter Censored By YouTube
Tim Pool Censored

Alternative media journalist Tim Pool ended up on the bad side of YouTube’s community strike when he published a video…

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