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Mega Man: Fully Charged Trailer Doesn’t Receive A Very Warm Reception From Fans
Mega Man Fully Charged

Capcom released a trailer for the upcoming Mega Man: Fully Charged cartoon set to debut on August 3rd on the…

Charmed Reboot Will Focus On LGBT Representation, Fighting Toxic Masculinity

At first the media blamed “straight white males” for all the ills of entertainment and the box office failures of…

Anita Sarkeesian Recoils At Buffy Reboot Featuring Black Lead
Sarkeesian vs Whedon

Joss Whedon, one of the top Social Justice Warriors of Hollywood and a serial cheater engaged in non-stop infidelity, is…

Netflix’s Voltron Turns The Main Character Gay
Voltron Legendary Defender

Netflix has basically just abandoned all restraint and have gone all-in on the LGBTQIA agenda. The long-running show Voltron: Legendary…

DC’s Titans TV Show Trailer Gets Downvoted For Being Edgy, Emo, And Cringeworthy
DC Titans

DC Universe just dropped the TV-MA trailer for the upcoming Titans show, which is trying to hit a whole lot…

Batwoman’s TV Series Will Center Around Lesbianism And Social Justice
Batwoman Lesbian TV Show

There’s going to be a new television series on the CW Network based around Batwoman. The show is scheduled to…

She-Ra’s Androgynous Re-Imagining Leaves Fans Glum And SJWs Happy

Social Justice Warriors have this fascination with stripping women of their feminity in order to make them appear androgynous and…

Ghoul Trailer Combines Military Thriller With Indian Horror
GHOUL (2018)

There’s usually a gap between cultural consumption when it comes to various genres of films and media outside of the…

Steven Universe Introduces Kids To A Lesbian Proposal
Steven Universe Lesbians

The DC Universe recently was making news headlines because after half of century of costumed foreplay, Bruce Wayne proposed to…

Halo TV Series In Development At Showtime With Rupert Wyatt Set To Direct
Halo TV Series

343 Industries head of transmedia development, Kiki Wolfkill (and is that a real name? Because that’s kind of a badass…

Netflix Heads Off The Deep End With Super Drags Cartoon
Super Drags

There’s an upcoming cartoon set to air on Netflix called Super Drags. The cartoon is themed around a group of…

ThunderCats Roar Is Absolutely Hated By Fans For Attempting To Appease Tumblr Culture
ThunderCats Roar

The official announcement for ThunderCats Roar was made, which is an upcoming cartoon set to appear on the Cartoon Network….

Cobra Kai YouTube Show Is The Series American Men Desperately Need
Cobra Kai

In an age where Liberal and Conservative men are taught to be whiny, screeching, offense-driven pansies, it’s good to see…

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