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SNL Kowtows To Cancel Culture, Fires Shane Gillis For Past Jokes Deemed “Offensive”
Shane Gillis

Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels had a spokesperson issue a statement on the firing of comedian Shane Gillis…

Rooster Teeth Lays Off 13% Of Staff
Gen Lock

Rooster Teeth reluctantly announced that 13% of its staff have been laid off as of September 12th, 2019. That’s about…

See Trailer For Apple TV’s Streaming Service Sees Jason Momoa Leading An Army Of Blind People
See (2019)

Apple announced that See would be heading to their streaming service, Apple TV+, starting November 1st. The upcoming drama had…

Netflix’s Bard Of Blood Sees RAW Agent Out For Revenge Against Muslim Extremists
Bard of Blood - Netflix

I was a little surprised to see a trailer for a show like Bard of Blood popping up on Netflix….

The Mandalorian Trailer Is Deceptively Enticing
Star Wars The Mandalorian

Disney+, the new streaming service from the film, television, and movie monopoly conglomerate is giong to usher in a number…

Cannon Busters Dragged Into Identity Politics Due To Twitter Warriors
Cannon Busters

Every normal person is absolutely fed up with identity politics, but sadly Netflix’s new American cartoon, Cannon Busters, is being…

Amazon’s Wheel of Time Race-Swaps Multiple Characters
Wheel of Time

Amazon is turning Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time into a series, and casting may have just started but it’s already…

Beastars, Japanese Furry Anime Is Heading To Netflix

Japanese production company Orange in partnership with Netflix released a new trailer for the upcoming animated series based on the…

Amazon’s Undone Trailer Promises A Trippy Cross Between A Scanner Darkly And Donnie Darko
Undone (2019)

Undone is an upcoming Amazon Prime series, and coming off their hype for The Boys they’re hoping to capture a…

Star Wars Dark Empire Trailer Is Like An Homage To 1970s Animation
Star Wars Dark Empire

There’s an animated series in the works from WilkinsAnimations called Dark Empire, which is a Star Wars saga based on…

Young Justice: Outsiders Cartoon Makes Kaldur Gay, Turns Halo Into A Bisexual Muslim
Young Justice Outsiders Gay

If you think that Marvel is the only one slamming on the accelerator of Social Justice propaganda, think again. DC…

Netflix’s The Witcher Showrunner Tries To Defend Some Of The Poor Decisions For The Show
The Witcher

Anyone who is a real fan of the original book series of The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski or a fan…

Star Trek: Picard’s Trailer Brings Back Data And Seven-Of-Nine
Star Trek Picard

During the San Diego Comic-Con weekend we were trounced with an overwhelming amount of propaganda coming out of the convention,…

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