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Twitter Temporarily Banned Journalist Brad Glasgow For Using “Learn To Code” Hashtag During Appeal
Learn 2 Code

You can’t even use the hashtag #LearnToCode when attempting to appeal on behalf of getting someone unbanned. Journalist Brad Glasgow…

Twitter Sued By Congressman For $250 Million, Alleges Shadow Bans Influenced 2018 Elections
Devin Nunes

California’s 22nd congressional district representative Devin Nunes has sued Twitter for $250 million, for allowing bad actors to interfere with…

Twitter Censors Nick Monroe’s Tweets Featuring Photos, Manifesto Of New Zealand Shooter
New Zealand Shooter

The coverage of the New Zealand shooter killing 49 people at Mosques is being censored from certain platforms. Specifically, links…

‘Stop Social Media Censorship Act’ Introduced To Halt Google, Twitter, Facebook Censorship
Censorship Act

While Left-wing censorship supporters stand by and excuse politically-themed censorship from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook on the…

Twitter Now Bans Loli, Shota Content; Japanese Users Retreat To Pawoo
Twitter Loli Ban

Certain kinds of loli and shota content are now banned from being shared across Twitter. The social media service is…

Anime Outsiders Twitter Account Suspended After Jamie McGonnigal Claims His Friends At Twitter Would Be Handing Down Suspensions
Dragon Ball Super

[Update 2/10/2019:] Anime Outsider reached out and their statements are included in the article. [Original article:] The Twitter account for…

GamingAndPandas Banned From Twitter After Being Targeted By Anti-Gay Anarcho-Communists
MostWanted - Lo-Ping

Twitter provocateur, #GamerGate supporter, and spicy connoisseur of Bowser dick-pics, GamingAndPandas (also known as Lo-Ping) was a jocular Twitter user…

The Game Awards 2018 Live Stream And Discussion

The Game Awards 2018 is nearing and like its past game reveals and announcements will supposedly be front and center….

Twitter’s Updated Terms of Service Can Ban Users For Deadnaming, Misgendering Trans
Twitter Feminist Banned

Twitter has updated its terms of service regarding their policies on “Hateful Conduct”. The update actually took place back on…

Gaming Ground Briefly Suspended From Twitter For Saying Annie Lööf Smiles Like A Retard
TGG vs Twitter

Video game and nerd-culture website The Gaming Ground was temporarily suspended for seven days for saying Swedish politician Annie Lööf…

Facebook, Twitter Ban Accounts For Free Thought Project, Anti-Media
Free Thought Project Banned

Alternative media outlets such as the Free Thought Project, Anti-Media, and Police The Police have been shut down by Facebook…

Alex Jones, Infowars Permanently Banned From Twitter
Alex Jones Censored

Twitter finally dropped the banhammer on Alex Jones and the Infowars accounts on Twitter. After initially avoiding banning Jones from…

#GamerGate Supporter and Game Developer James Desborough Perma-Banned From Twitter
Grimachu Censored

Game developer James “Grimachu” Desborough, also known as Grim Jim, from Postmortem Studios, was recently perma-banned from Twitter. The handle…

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