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Follow One Angry Gamer On Gab

[Update:] According to Twitter support, the account engaged in “abusive behavior” and the week-long suspension will stay in effect. What…

Twitter Users In The U.S. Are Mostly Female Democrats, According To Survey
Pew Research

New information from the Pew Research Center reveals that majority of Twitter users are Democrats, they’re mostly females, they spend…

Twitter Locks Accounts Demanding Voter ID For 2020 Elections
Twitter 2020 Elections Censorship

There’s a meme floating around that’s less about trying to be funny and more about being informatively mimetic. It’s an…

Twitter Suspends Pro-#GamerGate User Mombot

Pro-#GamerGate Twitter user Mombot was known for exposing the Social Justice activists on Twitter; highlighting the malfeasance of game journalists,…

Twitter Suspends NewsChute, The News Account For Bitchute
Newschute Censored

Bitchute hired Nick Monroe to operate their NewsChute account on Twitter, which covered topical content related to censorship and politics….

Twitter Tells Canadian User She Violated U.K. Law For Tweeting About Mohammad Killing People
Twitter UK Law

Facts have become verboten on Twitter, if a tweet from Yasmine Mohammed is to be believed. The critic of Muslim…

Lindsay Shepherd, Free Speech Activist Permanently Banned From Twitter
Lindsay Shepherd

[Update 7/26/2019:] Lindsay Shepherd’s account has been restored on Twitter. I’m back pic.twitter.com/EMDTuHDTjh — Lindsay Shepherd (@NewWorldHominin) July 26, 2019…

Soska Sisters Suspended On Twitter For Sharing Image Of Their Horror Movie Rabid
Rabid Censorship

[Update 7/24/2019:] The Soska sisters Twitter account has been restored. We are not alt right. Nor are extreme leftists. We…

President Trump To Meet With Big Tech, Explore Regulatory Options To Curb Censorship
Trump Social Media Platforms

Social media censorship has ramped up over the last couple of years in incalculable ways. A lot of the censorship…

Twitter Terms Of Service Update Reportedly Ramps Up Censorship Of Porn
Twitter Censorship

Twitter recently updated their terms of service to further police graphic content in response to the Christchurch shooting in New…

Twitter Policy Update Adds New Shadow Ban Filter For Public Officials

This past Thursday on June 27 2019 Twitter updated their company policy regarding certain types of tweets. What types of…

Senator Hawley Introduces Bill That Would Remove Immunity For Politically Biased Internet Platforms
Google Safe Harbor

If you’re claiming to be a service and not a publisher, then it means you have to abide by that…

Twitter Censors SJW Author For Sharing Book Cover Featuring KKK Caricature
Twitter Suspends SJW

You cannot mock the KKK anymore. This is how bad social media censorship has become. Author and journalist David Neiwert…

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