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YouTubers Call Out Polygon For Fake News Regarding Anita Sarkeesian VidCon Incident
Anita Sarkeesian VidCon

Polygon’s Julia Alexander wrote an article on June 19th, 2018 titled ‚ÄúVidCon CEO addresses last year’s Anita Sarkeesian incident: ‘We…

ComicsVerse Attempts To Rewrite History On #GamerGate, VidCon Incident
GamerGate Vidcon

ComicsVerse has an article up filled with misinformation and misleading conclusions formed from malformed depictions of what it considers to…

VidCon Video Reveals Anita Sarkeesian Didn’t Believe YouTubers Harassed Her
Anita Sarkeesian VidCon

Part of the fallout from the VidCon 2017 controversy involving Anita Sarkeesian directly addressing fellow YouTuber Sargon of Akkad and…

VidCon Apologizes To Anita Sarkeesian, Says Sargon Of Akkad Was There To Intimidate

Hank and John Green, the heads over the annual VidCon event, finally broke their silence about the events that transpired…

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