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YouTube Censorship Forces Croquis Cafe’s Nude Figure Art Channel To Vimeo
YouTube Croquis Cafe Censorship

During YouTube’s crackdown on “borderline” content, targeting news channels and content creators that they felt would lead users to “extremist”…

Vimeo Terminates Shawn Woods’ MouseTrap Monday Channel
MouseTrap Monday Banned

If you thought Vimeo was a good alternative to YouTube and their censorious ways, you thought wrong. Vimeo is cracking…

Vimeo Bans Project Veritas Account For Posting Video Exposing Google’s Censorship, Political Bias

Shortly after Project Veritas exposed Google for their political bias and search engine manipulation, the crackdowns and censorship came fast…

Vimeo Bans InfoWars For “Hateful Content”
Vimeo Censors Alex Jones

Vimeo announced that Alex Jones and the InfoWars content have been banned from the video sharing website. According to Business…

HTC Vive Pro Announced With Wireless Adapter, Vimeo Support
HTC Vive Pro

HTC and Valve are taking the Vive to all new places with the new Vive Pro, which was announced at…

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