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Speedball Arena, Futuristic VR Sports Game Now Available On Steam
Speedball Arena

Reality Reflection’s Speedball Arena is now currently available on the Steam store for $9.99 for the HTC Vive and Oculus…

Alpha Mike Foxtrot, VR PVP FPS Enters Early Access On Steam

Sublevel One Studios’ online, PvP, first-person VR shooter Alpha Mike Foxtrot recently made its way onto Steam via Early Access….

The InPatient, Bravo Team PSVR Titles Delayed Into Early 2018
Bravo Team

Supermassive Games announced recently that their two upcoming PlayStation VR games, The InPatient and Bravo Team have both been delayed…

Moss Demo Available For Download For PSVR Gamers
Moss PSVR Demo

If you purchased Gran Turismo Sport or Skyrim VR‘s newest PSVR bundle packs, you may have noticed that they come…

Unity Game Engine Gets Support For Google’s Resonance Audio SDK For AR, VR Gaming
Unity 3D Resonance SDK

Looking to create or implement binaural audio in your VR game? Need ambisonic clips to play at certain distances from…

PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle Announced For $449
Skyrim VR Bundle

I readily make it known in just about every post dealing with VR headsets, VR games, and VR apps that…

Marvel Powers United VR Demos Now Available To Play At Select Retailers
Marvel Powers United VR Demo

If you’re remotely interested in Marvel’s latest foray into VR you might like to know that kiosks are being setup…

Karnage Chronicles Updated With New Weapons, NPCs, And Proper Dungeon Crawl
Karnage Chronicles

One of the few games for virtual reality headsets that actually seems to want to be considered as a real…

CCP’s VR Endeavors Backfire; Layoffs And Studio Closure Ensue
EVE Valkyrie

CCP tried their hand at the virtual reality game, but things didn’t quite work out with the expensive EVE Valkyrie…

Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR Updated With New Weapons, Map, And Boss
Guns n Stories Bulletproof VR Act 2

Mirowin recently announced that the second act for the Early Access version of Guns ‘n’ Stores: Bulletproof VR has gone…

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab Now Available For Oculus Rift
Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab

Alcon Interactive Group, Magnopus and Oculus Studios announced that Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab is currently available for download from…

Skyfront VR Is A Zero-G PvP Arena Game Hoping To Fix VR Motion Sickness
Skyfront VR

Levity Play wants to fix the whole stigma surrounding motion sickness and nausea in virtual reality titles. They’re aiming to…

6 PlayStation VR Add-On Experiences and What They Offer
6 PSVR Games

The PlayStation brand has always made attempts to make players feel like part of a larger video game family; an…

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