Could Virtual Reality Be the Future of Online Gambling?

The online gambling industry has developed rapidly over the course of the last two decades. When online casinos were established in the mid-90s, they were only accessible through the desktop and there were very few providers. Since then, this industry has embraced a lot of changes that have actually benefited the business as well as the players. From casino websites to software designed for computers, and now mobile gambling apps, the online gambling industry has come a long from where it had begun. Along with the online casinos, many betting sites site like have emerged in the market. The latest virtual reality (VR) tech is being incorporated by many business sectors, and online gambling is no exception.

Casino games on online platforms are all fun, but many users used to complain that they don’t feel the real gambling experience. However, with VR games and VR gadgets, players can have enriched gameplay. This is the reason why all the popular online casinos are adopting this innovation.

The Concept of VR

To understand how virtual reality can transform and revolutionize online casinos, let’s take a look at how it works. Virtual reality describes the representation of our or another reality in a virtual, i.e., digital, dimension. This basically means that there are no limits to creativity as we can see through video games or animated films. In a nutshell, players would get the experience of being in a real casino with virtual reality.

Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

Virtual Reality enables completely no limits to creativity to enable a realistic gaming experience from home. Three-dimensional casino rooms, interactive games, and the possibility of interacting with other visitors like in a kind of video game are the key points here. In principle, there are no limits to the possibilities, which could be particularly advantageous for casinos where the entertainment factor is particularly imperative. Remember the free drinks and the bright colors of the slot machines in Vegas casinos. By integrating virtual reality, the digital experience of the online casino can be made more realistic than ever before.

Alternatively, it could also be the case that the games offered there deviate completely from the possibilities and limits of the physical world and thus open up completely new promises. And virtual reality also opens up numerous new potentials with regard to personalization, as special offers can no longer be written on a sign, but can be displayed directly in your field of vision and thus adapted to your gaming behavior. Artificial intelligence could be a driving factor for this because it enables the ability to show personalized offers by quickly adapting to individual parameters.

Bottom line

As you can see, virtual reality represents a potential revolution for online gambling. The developers can create a totally new experience for the player with the help of this technology. This can result in numerous interesting and different interpretations. Imagine, for example, that the player is playing a new form of poker in real-time with their hands against opponents from the other end of the world. As you can see, despite the current focus on mobile gaming for the gaming industry, interesting times are ahead.

Oculus VR Headsets Will Require Mandatory Facebook Account By 2023


Starting in October, 2020, every new Oculus Rift purchase will require a Facebook account in order to access its full service capabilities. Even if you already own an Oculus Rift, by January 1st, 2023, all Oculus accounts will be diminished in place of requiring a mandatory Facebook account. Continue reading “Oculus VR Headsets Will Require Mandatory Facebook Account By 2023”

Prince Of Persia: The Dagger Of Time Is A Multiplayer VR Escape Room Game

Prince of Persia Dagger of Time

Ubisoft is bringing back the Prince of Persia franchise, but not in the way you think. The newest entry in the long-running series is no longer going to be an action-adventure, third-person platformer with dynamic combat and an exotic story. No. Instead, Ubisoft is reviving the franchise with as a multiplayer VR escape room experience for VR arcades. Continue reading “Prince Of Persia: The Dagger Of Time Is A Multiplayer VR Escape Room Game”

The Last Taxi, VR Sci-Fi Game Pokes Fun At Communist Dystopia

The Last Taxi

Canadian developer ZenFri is working on a new virtual reality, narrative-driven taxi game set in a dystopian future called The Last Taxi. The game is about a taxi driver (you) who has been cast out of his cushy job in the upper echelons of the last great city on Earth. The taxi driver has been relegated to the lower-end slums of society after having his job replaced by automatons. Continue reading “The Last Taxi, VR Sci-Fi Game Pokes Fun At Communist Dystopia”

Arvi VR Escape Room Games Leaving Oculus Store, SteamVR

Arvi VR Escape Room

If you’re interested in checking out some escape room-style VR games, Arvi VR specializes in them and have a whole slew of games mostly designed around VR arcades/theme parks where you attempt to escape or survive through a number of different scenarios ranging from cyberpunk futuristic battlegrounds, to prisons, to tropical islands. Continue reading “Arvi VR Escape Room Games Leaving Oculus Store, SteamVR”

Swordsman VR Attempts To Bring Realistic Sword Fighting To PC, PSVR This Summer

Swordsman VR

Canadian outfit Sinn Studio is currently working on a realistic sword-fighting game for virtual reality headsets known as Swordsman VR. They originally announced the game back at the start of May with a Reddit post in the Oculus sub-reddit, but recently they dropped the first official alpha gameplay trailer, featuring some of the in-game play you can expect to experience from the sword-fighting sim. Continue reading “Swordsman VR Attempts To Bring Realistic Sword Fighting To PC, PSVR This Summer”

Number Six Cinematic Teaser Trailer Released For Upcoming VR Arcade Shooter

Number Six

Thailand-based Yggdrazil Group announced a brand new game is in the works by their gaming subsidiary, Ygg Game, called Number Six. The new game will be published by Nigbo Inception Media. They recently released a cinematic teaser for the game featuring a buff, straight white male suiting up while his partner slices and dices a bunch of mutant aliens into mince meat around him. The trailer wraps up with the fully suited up soldier using his high-powered rifle the blast the head off one of the mutants. Continue reading “Number Six Cinematic Teaser Trailer Released For Upcoming VR Arcade Shooter”

Waifu For Laifu Strippers VR Banned From Steam

Waifu for Laifu Strippers VR

Another game has been unceremoniously banned from Steam following its release on the platform back on January 31st, 2020. Dr. Stone and Senku Games’ Waifu For Laifu Strippers VR was recently banned from the Steam store, but no reason was given and no information about the ban was made public. Continue reading “Waifu For Laifu Strippers VR Banned From Steam”

Half-Life: Alyx Videos Showcase More Uninspired Gameplay

Half-Life Alyx

Fanboys and white knights are salivating over the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx VR title from Valve. There’s absolutely nothing special about the game whatsoever but that won’t stop the diehard and the brainwashed from thinking the rehashed VR concepts present in the game are “cool”. Continue reading “Half-Life: Alyx Videos Showcase More Uninspired Gameplay”

Lies Beneath, VR Action-Horror Game Takes Players To Mid-20th Century Alaska

Lies Beneath

Drifter Studios’ upcoming action-horror game Lies Beneath attempts to separate itself from all the other point-and-click adventure VR games by focusing more on action and reflexes. The game has a comic book aesthetic to match the way the story unfolds on visualized pages come to life thanks to a toon shader that’s been fitted for the horror genre. Continue reading “Lies Beneath, VR Action-Horror Game Takes Players To Mid-20th Century Alaska”

Silicon Rising, A Proper Cyberpunk Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam

Silicon Rising

That degenerate piece of crap being made by CD Projekt Red is not a real cyberpunk game. However, Kukrgame’s Silicon Rising does look like a proper cyberpunk game and has all the markings and visual aesthetics that most real fans of the art-style associate with the genre. If you have a VR headset then you can check the game out for yourself now that Silicon Rising has entered into Early Access on Steam. Continue reading “Silicon Rising, A Proper Cyberpunk Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam”

SLR Update Adds Private Camgirl Chats For VR Users


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Half-Life: Alyx To Release For PC Via Steam On March 23rd, 2020

Half-Life: Alyx isn’t Half-Life 3, because that would mean Valve and Gaben would have to count past the number two, and we all know that won’t ever happen. So instead, folks will see the former title launch on PC via Steam on March 23rd, 2020. Continue reading “Half-Life: Alyx To Release For PC Via Steam On March 23rd, 2020”