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A Hand In The Darkness Finally Banned From Steam
A Hand In The Darkness Banned

A lot of games have been banned from Steam for seemingly innocuous or unclear reasons, especially anime-themed games. A few…

Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko Adds Nanako Mode!

After numerous outright scams, failure to delivers, or outright disappointments crowd funding has garnered a bad name. Making it all…

Utawarerumono: Mask Of Deception Will Be Censored On Steam
Utawarerumono Censored

In an unfortunate twist to the good news that Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception was heading to Steam, it was also…

Utawarerumono: Mask Of Deception And Mask Of Truth Heads To Steam January 23rd, 2020
Utawarerumono Steam Release

DMM Games and ShiraVN announced that two of Aquaplus’ Utawarerumono will be landing on Steam starting January 23rd, 2020. We…

Being A DIK: Season 1 Coming Soon And Uncensored To Steam
Being A DIK

Dr PinkCake’s romantic drama, Being a DIK, is a college-campus visual novel romp about a young man from a low-income…

Rainbow Dreams, Romantic Comedy VN Launches On Steam With Off-Site R18+ Patch
Rainbow Dreams

Top Hat Studios and Epic Works released a new romantic visual novel comedy on Steam called Rainbow Dreams. The game…

World End Economica Anime Surpasses Kickstarter Goal
World End Economica Anime

Spicy Tails, the makers of Spice and Wolf, is working on bringing their 2013 visual novel, World End Economica, to…

True Love ’95, Classic Japanese PC-98 Dating Sim Launches On Steam
True Love 95

Some developers are still capable of releasing Adults Only titles on Steam, despite Valve banning multiple visual novels from Asian…

VenusBlood Frontier R18+ Version Launches On Jast USA

The all-ages Steam release of VenusBlood Frontier has been indefinitely delayed, and there’s no ETA on when we’ll see that…

Unholy Torturer Miraculously Makes It Onto Steam With R18+ Patch
Unholy Torturer

I don’t know how they did it or where they got their balls from, but Unholy Creation, the makers of…

Steins; Gate 0 Arrives On Switch While Steins; Gate: My Darling’s Embrace Lands On PS4, PC, Switch
Steins Gate 0

Spike Chunsoft has decided to let loose two new Steins; Gate games for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. There’s…

White Wings, Adult Visual Novel Blasts Past $10,000 On Kickstarter
White Wings

Pureworks’ White Wings managed to accrue more than $10,000 without much of a marketing budget or any support from major…

Magic And Slash, Wabisabi, Cafe Crush DLC, Hypnosis Play Banned From Steam
Wabisabi Banned

A number of games have been banned from Steam recently, in addition to Valve rejecting VenusBlood Frontier’s all-ages English release….

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