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Saku Saku: Love Blooms With The Cherry Blossoms PS4 Japanese Release Gets Censored
Saku Saku Censored

Palette’s romantic visual novel, Saku Saku: Love Blooms With The Cherry Blossoms, originally came out on PC back in 2014….

Oral Lessons With Chii-Chan Launches Uncensored On Fakku Summer 2019
Oral Lessons With Chii-chan

While Steam is actively banning a bunch of games, some of which don’t even contain R18+ content, Fakku is moving…

D20: Sweet Roll Club, Ecchi Visual Novel Banned From Steam
d20 Sweet Roll Club

Event Horizon Games’ D20: Sweet Roll Club has been banned from Steam. The game is about a group of friends…

Song Of Memories Cancelled On Nintendo Switch, Localization Will Be Same As Japanese Version
Song of Memories

Two big pieces of news dropped for PQube Games’ localization of Song of Memories. The first big piece of news…

Food Girls, All-Ages Steam Release Indefinitely Delayed Due To Valve
Food Girls

Simon Creative and STORIA’s Food Girls: You Can Eat The Girl, is a visual novel about some young girls attempting…

Sweet Pool, Yaoi Slasher VN Set In School Launches On Steam With R18+ Patch
Sweet Pool

It appears Valve’s supposed ban on games featuring “child exploitation” in “school” settings only apply to games aimed at straight…

My Erotic Summer Steam Release Delayed Indefinitely Due To Valve Review
My Erotic Summer

Dieselmine was supposed to release My Erotic Summer in December of 2018. December is almost over with though, and the…

Song Of Memories Delayed Into 2019 But Not Because Of The PS4 Censorship Policies, Says PQube
Song of Memories Delayed

PQube issued a statement to clarify the delay of Song of Memories for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. In the…

Bloody Chronicles Now Available On Steam, R18+ DLC Coming Soon
Bloody Chronicles

While the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 rages on, some developers are still releasing games featuring lewd content and hot anime babes….

Valve Bans Erotic Visual Novel My Bullied Bride From Steam
My Bullied Bride

[Update 12/16/2018:] After contacting Cherry Kiss Games, they explained that My Bullied Bride originally had its store page approved for…

Victory Project’s Steam Release Delayed Indefinitely Due To Valve
Victory Project

Valve has not communicated with publisher 33Paradox regarding the release of the romantic visual novel, Victory Project, which is being…

Valve Informs Niplheim’s Hunter Dev To Censor Characters, Content For Steam Release
Niplheim's Hunter Censorship

Valve has yet to address the recent ban wave sweeping through Steam, with select games being targeted by certain staff…

Oppaidius Summer Trouble! Ecchi Visual Novel Launches Uncensored On Steam
Oppaidius Summer Trouble

Vittorio Giorgi’s Kickstarted game, Oppaidius Summer Trouble! is currently available on Steam in all its uncensored glory. The retro-inspired dating…

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