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No Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game Continues Through W/Are

Hello Games have been using cryptic updates to inform gamers and fans alike on the status of No Man’s Sky….

No Man’s Sky Waking Titan Tells Fans To Rest Up For Next Update

Hello Games recently updated the Waking Titan to hint at what’s to come for No Man’s Sky next major update….

No Man’s Sky Waking Titan Passes Have Appeared Hinting At New Update

Hello Games is stepping up the mysterious Waking Titan alternate reality game by shipping out Atlas Passes to applicable participants….

No Man’s Sky Waking Titan Live Stream Offers More Clues

Following the rumor of a “new story DLC” comes an interactive live stream for Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky Waking…

No Man’s Sky Update 1.3 Rumored To Bring New Story Content And More

A new rumor has popped up, scratching the surface of what could be coming to Sean Murray and Hello Games’…

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